Market research - our key focuses

We focus on Employee surveys and customer surveys

As an established online market research company, we have been conducting online surveys spanning a wide spectrum of disciplines on behalf of our clients for many years and can support even complex projects and issues. Besides website surveys, we mainly handle employee and customer surveys. In the implementation of online surveys, our practised team leverages a wealth of experience acquired from very diverse quantitative market research studies to quickly and competently respond to your requests. Our dual expertise in market research and the development of proprietary software solutions allows us support our clients' projects with a comprehensive methodological and technical service. Our clients include well-known names from the worlds of industry, trade, the service sector, the media and numerous public-sector entities. Rogator stands for customer focus, fairness and flexibility. Further information about the topics addressed in our surveys can be found on the following pages.

We look forward to supporting you too with your projects and promise you the very highest standards of performance.

Market research - our services in detail

Proven service offers

Our portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of services. We will be happy to handle all aspects of your survey projects - from drafting the questionnaire through to data analysis, interpretation and coaching. You can also request individual services as required. Our services include the organisation of thematic workshops and methodological questionnaire checks, as well as programming of online questionnaires and analysis and evaluation of survey data. You can choose any combination of services you wish - depending on your priorities. More information about our service portfolio can be found on the following pages.

Focus on online surveys

Online surveys are an important tool for gathering data in market research and opinion polling. They represent a cost-effective and time-efficient method of compiling information on knowledge, opinions, attitudes and behaviour - always in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. We specialise in this data collection method, backed up by our extensive experience in paper-and-pencil surveys and hybrid surveys. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you. We can help you identify the most appropriate data collection method for your project, from online, to paper-based, phone-based or hybrid.

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