Our G3plus survey software in use

Design your own online questionnaires

Modular construction for greater flexibility

Extensive features - a single interface

Our proven G3plus survey software is a sophisticated system that allows you to efficiently create and administer all kinds of online surveys. The central principle is a division into online and offline components. Questionnaire design takes place in RogEditor (offline), while RogManager (online) allows the survey to be administered in real time. This division is intended to ensure maximum convenience and speed in the creation of online surveys. Additional modules are RogMailer (stand-alone solution), used to send mass emails to participants in an online survey, and RogCharter, which allows you to view a graphic display of the initial results of an ongoing survey. Further features of the evaluation software are described in more detail under Evaluation.


Television surveys using HbbTV

Implementation using our survey software

The development of smart TV and increasing penetration of the Internet raised a new challenge for us. Together with SevenOne Media GmbH, we studied potential solutions for reproducing online surveys on television sets. The result was a joint development based on our G3plus survey software and allowing precisely this - online surveys via smart TV. All the features of our G3plus survey software are available for your surveys. You can reproduce almost all types of questions on smart television, from single and multiple choice to a wide variety of matrices. There are very few restrictions in terms of survey design too. A reduced-size version of the survey, complete with sound track, can even be displayed in parallel to the currently viewed television programme. The survey data can viewed using real-time statistics and exported to Excel or SPSS for detailed analysis.

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