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Employee feedbacks can help your company in its further development. All facts about employee survey for the industry can be found here.

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Would you like to be closer to your employees in the production area and learn more about their satisfaction, commitment and daily working environment?


An employee survey is the ideal means of measuring the mood in your company and uncovering optimisation potential in daily communication and cooperation. However, conducting such a survey in an industrial environment – i.e. especially in the production area – is subject to certain requirements. One challenge is the accessibility of colleagues not working at the PC. We are familiar with these framework conditions and have developed industry-specific solutions for them.


As a long-standing partner in conducting national and international employee surveys in the industrial sector, we support you professionally in implementing your employee feedback.

  • During the implementation of our worldwide employee survey, we felt in good hands with our service provider Rogator at all times. We particularly appreciate the fast response time and flexibility, even in the case of last-minute changes or requests, as well as the high quality of the services.

    – Kevin Smith, Autoneum

  • For the technical implementation of our diverse survey projects, we have a long-standing partner at our side in Rogator. We particularly appreciate Rogator’s pronounced expertise and the high quality of their services. This, the flexibility of our contact persons, their fast response times and, last but not least, the uncomplicated cooperation have repeatedly confirmed our decision in favor of Rogator.


    – Beatrice Neuwald, CIP Corporate Intelligence Partners GmbH

    The advantages of the service at a glance

    • Hybrid survey

      As experts in both online and paper surveys, we ensure that your project is handled reliably - regardless of which combination of survey methods you choose.

    • International solutions

      An employee survey in the industry and at several international locations presents a logistical challenge. Thanks to our many years of experience with global surveys and cooperation with print and logistics experts, we ensure smooth coordination and processing at all your locations.

    • Data protection

      We live and guarantee maximum data protection and quality standards in all project steps of your employee feedback: From the processing of your employee data to the collection and storage of the survey data and the securing of anonymity during data evaluation.

    Your employee survey in the industry with Rogator

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    Challenges in an employee survey in the production area


    The conditions for implementing employee feedback in a manufacturing environment are fundamentally different from those in an office environment. We therefore pay special attention to the following aspects and develop solutions that fit your company:

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    • Accessibility of employees

    As a rule, employees in the production area do not have PC workstations and therefore cannot be reached comfortably and reliably by e-mail. The use of a private e-mail requires the written consent of each individual and usually does not generate a good response. An invitation on paper is therefore the preferred method in most cases.


    However, it is not mandatory that the entire survey be conducted on paper. The combination of a paper invitation and online participation in the survey is a proven, hybrid procedure that allows you to still benefit from the advantages of an online survey (e.g. fast data collection). Since participation is also easily possible via smartphone, this approach is well received by employees and ideally supported by providing terminals and PCs in suitable premises.

    • Special questions for the target group

    Since working conditions in the production area are usually different from those in an office environment, it is also important to consider these circumstances in the questionnaire. This questionnaire should be designed to take account of individual circumstances. Otherwise, these special features are not sufficiently covered, and the employees may not feel sufficiently picked up. Typical examples of these topics can be physical stress, special working conditions (e.g. noise, temperature, dirt) or the requirements during shift work.

    • Anonymity

    In the manufacturing sector, our experience also shows that a higher sensitivity is required when it comes to the issue of anonymity. We counteract this by providing specific information and tangible measures: e.g. group-related invitations or the possibility of exchanging the participation code with colleagues.

    • Language barriers

    We make sure that the language is as simple as possible and recommend the use of several language versions where this appears necessary. Here we work together with established translation institutes and create online and/or print questionnaires in many different languages.



    Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the employee survey for the industry

    Services at a glance

    • 1. Kick-off workshops and consulting

    • 2. Questionnaire development and translations, if necessary

    • 3. Advice and support for advance communication

    • 4. Communication and participant invitation (paper or online)

    • 5. Survey implementation (paper-pencil, online, hybrid)

    • 6. Evaluation and reporting

    • 7. Presentation of results

    • 8. Follow-up processes

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