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    Premium Dashboard Datenauswertung durch Personen

    Automated data analysis

    With our Premium Dashboard you have the possibility to clearly visualize and continuously monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). Extensive display and analysis options make decision-making considerably easier, as there is no need for time-consuming calculation of key figures.


    A large number of interactive filter options allows you to view specific results in detail and thus identify dependencies and drivers. Time series comparisons allow you to quickly identify specific patterns and trends. These results are then displayed in your Corporate Design using our professional dashboard.

    Your advantages with a Premium Dashboard

    • Simplified representation of complex data

      Complex data and key figures can be visualized clearly, highly condensed and CI-conform with the help of a dashboard. This significantly simplifies decision making, since the time-consuming calculation of key figures is no longer necessary and this means enormous time savings in data evaluation.

    • Intuitive user interface

      An intuitive user interface with rich, interactive analysis and visualization capabilities makes it easy to set up and administer your dashboard. The creation is carried out according to individual customer wishes in self- or full-service.

    • Integration of different data sources

      Integration of different data sourcesYou can connect survey results, information from ERP and CRM systems as well as external applications through data connectors and integrate them into a dashboard. All desired and defined analyses can then be performed with your data.

    Dashboard data & results at a glance

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    Integration of different data sources


    Dashboards are preferably used in the field of online feedbacks because they are adaptable to specific questions and mean enormous time savings in data evaluation. Our Premium Dashboard allows you to individually analyze and continuously monitor key performance indicators.

    Thanks to the compatibility with our survey software G3plus, both applications can be used together. This allows you to use the data analysed in real time for further surveys or analyses and to continuously incorporate survey results and other external data sources into the dashboard. Information from ERP and CRM systems can be quickly and easily connected via data connectors and integrated into the dashboard.

    Analyze and visualize data

    Interactive filter options allow specific results to be viewed in more detail and dependencies and drivers to be identified. It is also possible to identify patterns and trends by comparing time series with previous year’s waves.


    In addition, the dashboard offers a notification function if limit values are exceeded or not reached. An export function enables the results to be output in PDF or Excel format.

    Premium Dashboards Analyse Tablet

    Viewer and editor access

    • Viewer access:
      You are welcome to delegate the administration tasks to our specialists. The viewer access gives you access to the results of your studies at any time. Extensive filter functions and interactive graphs assist you in your analysis.


    • Editor access:
      In addition to the extensive options for setting up your self-service dashboard, the editor access also includes the functions for managing your account. You design your dashboard according to your own requirements regarding the scope and presentation of data and manage access rights for other users.

    Insights into the premium dashboard from rogator

    Services at a glance

    • Creation of the dashboard according to individual customer requirements as a self-service or full-service solution

    • Integration of survey results and other data sources

    • Access via viewer or editor access

    • Time series comparisons with previous year's waves

    • Export function of the results via PDF download or in Excel format

    • Notification function when limit value is exceeded or not reached

    Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the Premium Dashboard

    Lizenzen Holzwuerfel

    License models for using the Premium Dashboard

    We offer our Premium Dashboards in different license models, so that there is a suitable model available for every user and for every project. The Premium Dashboard is available with a viewer or editor access.


    We will be happy to advise you individually on our service package.

    All licenses at a glance
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