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Measuring CES with Rogator

The Customer Effort Score (CES) is an interesting addition to the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) or any other customer survey method. It measures how simple, fast and uncomplicated the cooperation with a supplier or service provider is.


This is based on the theory that customers remain loyal to a company – as long as certain basic factors are fulfilled – above all if the business processes and interactions are designed to cause as little effort as possible and can be handled as quickly and easily as possible for the customer in the customer relationship.


Rogator will be glad to support you with technology and experience in all aspects of the CES.

  • When conducting our online surveys, we always feel very well taken care of by Rogator. The implementation of our projects is done with great dedication and is accompanied by valuable advice from the project management. We are happy to recommend Rogator to others.


    – Thomas Schneider, DB Fernverkehr AG

  • The cooperation with Rogator was flawless for our internal customer satisfaction survey. Our survey was set up quickly and straightforwardly to our complete satisfaction!


    – Chrstian Salbach, ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion GmbH

  • What we appreciate most about our service provider Rogator is the good support, pronounced solution orientation as well as the uncomplicated and fast implementation of the project. We are very happy to work with Rogator.


    – Simon Kaufhold, Robin Look GmbH

    Test our demo questionnaire for the CES now:

    Your advantages of a CES survey with Rogator

    • Full-service offer

      Rogator supports you from A to Z in embedding your CES query in your survey processes. No matter if it is the technical implementation, the translation into various languages or index calculation and time series comparison within a premium dashboard: We will find the perfect research combination for you.

    • Transactional CES measurement

      Similar to the NPS®, the CES is also suitable for use in the context of a transactional survey, where direct feedback is obtained, which may vary from one project to another. Ideally, the CES is also used in combination with the NPS® or a relational customer survey.

    • Direct feedback

      The CES can be easily combined with a direct feedback function. In this case, the participating person would receive a text field for description in case of negative evaluation. The content of the feedback entered there could (after approval by the customer) be sent by alert e-mail directly to the responsible contact person.

    Your CES survey with Rogator

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    How can Rogator support you in implementing the Customer Effort Score?


    The use of the Customer Effort Score within the scope of a customer survey can be implemented technically without any problems with our professional G3plus software, even in several languages. It is much more important to discuss and define for what purpose and to what extent the results and scores achieved should subsequently be applied in the company. The CES – similar to the NPS® – has the potential to serve as a serious Key Performance Indicator (KPI), which can be used to optimize processes and resources based on data and feedback.


    There are various options for the Customer Effort Score. These essentially depend on which business transaction is to be assessed de facto (a purchase? a support call? an entire project?). Likewise, it is important to specify whether the CES is surveyed in a single survey – i.e. as an independent survey – or whether it is embedded in a more comprehensive questionnaire (e.g. including an NPS® question). Our experts will be glad to advise you on the optimal variant for your individual feedback process. You can find various designs in our demo link.

    Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the CES survey

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    Holistic analysis of the customer relationship

    In general, it is advisable not to use instruments such as the CES as the sole yardstick for a customer relationship. Research results indicate that the CES is significantly correlated with customer satisfaction and willingness to buy again and recommend the product to others. Nevertheless, you should strive to combine various instruments and exploit their respective strengths in order to obtain a picture of your customers that is as comprehensive as possible. Here too, you can rely on the expertise of our Customer Feedback Team. We would be glad to support you in the holistic analysis of your customer relationship.

    Services at a glance

    • 1. Consulting on embedding the CES in your customer feedback processes

    • 2. Questionnaire development and translations, if necessary

    • 3. Participant invitation

    • 4. Process automation

    • 5. Alert functions

    • 6. Reporting and dashboard connection

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