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Employee feedbacks can help your company in its further development. All facts about risk assessment can be found here.

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Protect personnel from hazards

Employers are required by law to carry out regular risk assessmentsin their company to protect employees from possible physical and mental hazards. A professional employee survey is the most cost-efficient and time-efficient means of identifying potential risks and measuring the degree of various stresses in the workforce.


In full service, we work with you to develop a catalogue of questions individually tailored to your company and advise you on communication, inviting participants and follow-up measures. We have many years of experience in the design and implementation of risk assessments in almost all industries. Benefit from the experience of our experts and create a safe working environment for your team.

  • We are very satisfied with the online hazard assessment, which we have been carrying out as a full-service project with our service provider Rogator several times a year for many years. The short lead times and the fast and flexible processing of our requests by the Rogator team are particularly helpful. We are always comprehensively advised and proactively supported in our company health management and are therefore very happy to recommend Rogator.


    – Bettina Finger, Generali Deutschland AG

  • Rogator has convinced us as a service provider. Both the competence and the commitment of the employees exceeded our expectations.


    – Ingo Bittner, Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH

  • During the implementation of our worldwide employee survey, we felt in good hands with our service provider Rogator at all times. We particularly appreciate the fast response time and flexibility, even in the case of last-minute changes or requests, as well as the high quality of the services.


    – Kevin Smith, Autoneum

    Your advantages in employee research with Rogator

    • Full-service offer

      Your capacities for carrying out and supervising a risk assessment are limited? We would be pleased to take over this task for you. Rogator is your reliable partner in recording employee interests. From preliminary communication, questionnaire development and implementation to result evaluation and presentation, we support you in all project steps if desired.

    • Anonymity and data protection

      We attach great importance to anonymity and data protection. The results are only broken down in accordance with evaluation thresholds to such an extent that it is impossible to draw conclusions about individual participants, but you can still gain detailed insights at departmental or team level. In addition, your sensitive data is managed exclusively on our certified server park, which excludes access by third parties and guarantees the protection of your data at all times.

    • RogActionPlanner

      Our action tracking tool enables you or the responsible executives or health managers to document the planning and implementation of the subsequent measures and follow-up processes. The contents and access rights to this platform are of course individually tailored to your needs.

    We take over your risk assessment

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    Three steps to online risk assessment

    • Preparation

      In a personal or virtual workshop, we develop a concept tailored to your company in terms of advance communication, invitation and participation channels, questionnaire content and evaluation. We would also be pleased to support you in the development and design of suitable communication media such as posters, flyers etc. We guarantee that the content of the questionnaire complies with the legal requirements and at the same time is tailored to the specific needs of your company.

    • Implementation

      The iteratively coordinated questionnaire is programmed and tested by us. Layout and design can be individually adapted to your corporate design. Within the field phase, i.e. the defined survey period, the employees give their details on the selected questions. To increase the response rate, we also send reminders for participation in this phase.

    • Evaluation

      After the end of the survey we summarize the results for you in clear reports. Depending on the organizational structure and number of participants per unit, reports can be generated at overall, location, department and/or team level. The reports provide indications of specific risk potentials and thus form the basis for the derivation of measures. When evaluating the data, previously defined evaluation thresholds are of course stored and adhered to in order to ensure 100% anonymity of all participants. Furthermore, you will receive a certificate from us about the execution of the risk assessment and its contents.

    Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the risk assessment

    Services at a glance

    • 1. Kick-off workshop

    • 2. Project management and hosting

    • 3. Advice and support in advance communication

    • 4. Questionnaire development and methodological consulting

    • 5. Questionnaire programming and design

    • 6. Participant invitation and reminder

    • 7. General report

    • 8. Individual reporting per location, department, team etc.

    • 9. Advice on the follow-up process

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