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With an automated invitation management you save time and costs for your continuous feedback process. Learn more about RogMessenger

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With RogMessenger you have the possibility to send invitations and reminders for your survey project directly and automatically. You can add RogMessenger to your current transactional survey project at any time. Unlike the time-consuming manual sending of invitations, RogMessenger offers you a time-saving and automated alternative.


Various touch points that you define are used as trigger functions. If one of these touchpoints is reached by the customer, such as the purchase of a product, the customer automatically receives a pre-defined e-mail or SMS for the ongoing survey. Grace periods can also be defined, in which survey participants are not invited again within a certain period of time. In addition, a Robinson list can be stored, which contains persons who should not receive an invitation any more.

Your advantages with RogMessenger

  • Time and cost advantage

    Especially for continuous feedback processes, such as Net Promoter Score®, customer or employee surveys, our RogMessenger service simplifies the invitation process for you immensely. Rogator also takes care of the setup and administration of RogMessenger for you. This allows you to focus on your transactional survey project.

  • Individual configuration options

    You can add RogMessenger to your survey project as needed. You can also instruct us to store the various triggers of an e-mail transmission as well as the e-mail templates according to your personal requirements.

  • Compatible with RogManager and G3plus

    RogMessenger allows you to upload survey codes and metadata of your participants directly to RogManager. This ensures that for all automatically invited participants a valid code checks their eligibility to participate in the survey.

Functionality and scope of services of RogMessenger

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How our invitation management works


We offer you various options for selecting our services. You can either choose the RogMessenger or, if required, optionally add our additional service RogMessengerPlus.


In the first step of the automated invitation management your CSV file with all participant addresses is uploaded to our FTP servers. This data is processed independently by RogMessenger regarding Grace Periods, Robinson lists and created access codes.


Afterwards the automated sending of invitations by e-mail and/or SMS is started. The layout of the sent e-mails corresponds to the individually designable mail template that you have stored in advance. As soon as the participants have completed the survey, the results are recorded in RogManager and can be viewed and downloaded there at any time.

RogMessenger Frau betrachtet Checkliste


RogMessengerPlus offers a customer-specific extension function for RogMessenger and can be set up by us for your project if desired. RogMessengerPlus is an upstream database solution that has the function of checking existing participant data before sending out invitations.


For example, incorrect e-mail addresses are identified, or duplicate and plausibility checks of your Excel lists are carried out during upload. In order to coordinate your invitation waves in terms of time, RogMessengerPlus also has an automated and predefined reminder sending function. Reminders are sent automatically at a time that you specify, provided that no survey results are available for the respective persons.

Process flow at a glance

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Services at a glance

  • Standardization of the invitation process

  • Individually definable invitation templates

  • Individual invitation texts through dynamic placeholders

  • Multilingual invitation texts possible

  • Possibility of importing secondary data

  • FTP interface to your CRM data system

  • Automatic generation of participation codes and status reports

  • Setup and administration are handled by Rogator

Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the RogMessenger

Lizenzen Holzwuerfel

License models for the use of RogMessenger

We offer our RogMessenger in different license models, so that a suitable model is available for every user and every project. The RogMessenger can optionally be extended by the RogMessengerPlus.


We would be happy to advise you individually on our service package

All licenses at a glance
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