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Feedback automation with Rogator

Would you like to offer a large number of managers the opportunity to receive 90/180/270 or 360-degree feedback with as little effort as possible? We support you in the implementation and offer you helpful tools – such as the Rog360 feedback suite. With the help of our software, individual steps within your online feedback process are automated so that the organizational effort for you is minimized.


In particular, the following central processes can be conveniently and automatically designed using our Rog360 software.

  • For the technical implementation of our diverse survey projects, we have a long-standing partner at our side in Rogator. We particularly appreciate Rogator’s pronounced expertise and the high quality of their services. This, the flexibility of our contact persons, their fast response times and last but not least the uncomplicated cooperation have repeatedly confirmed our decision in favour of Rogator.


    – Beatrice Neuwald, CIP Corporate Intelligence Partners

  • The collaboration with Rogator was smooth and trusting – we could always count on Rogator’s relevant experience. All our specifications and wishes were implemented reliably, quickly and flawlessly.


    – Dr. Thorsten Klaas-Wissing, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

  • Rogator demonstrates a strong customer and service orientation in our joint survey projects. All project steps are always implemented reliably and promptly. And as a customer, I am always comprehensively and competently informed and advised.


    – Dr. Munira Schömann, Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig

    Your benefits of 360-degree feedback with Rogator

    • Time advantage

      With Rog360 Rogator offers you its own software component, which enables the automation of the essential process steps. This allows you to carry out your 360-degree feedback quickly and cost-effectively. Compared to other providers and services, this saves you time and money.

    • Flexibility

      Despite a high degree of automation, all project parameters for a 90-/180-/270- or 360-degree feedback are freely definable with Rogator: Layout and contents of the reports are created in advance according to your ideas, if desired also multilingual. The import of the employee list can be done with or without an organizational structure. The selection of feedback providers can be done by a manager or the human resources department.

    • Data protection

      We attach the highest importance to data protection and offer you different and flexible anonymity thresholds for the feedback provider groups as desired. In addition, your sensitive data is managed exclusively on our certified server environment, which guarantees the protection of your data at all times and prevents access by third parties.

    Automation of central processes with Rog360


    In large organisations, and especially in companies where work is mainly done in project teams, the assignment of feedback providers to feedback recipients is often not directly apparent from the organisation chart. In addition, employee data may be out of date or incomplete. It is therefore advisable to involve managers in the selection of suitable feedback providers.

    • Selection of feedback providers

      For the selection process, we offer technical solutions that can be individually adapted to your needs, for example with a pre-selection of feedback providers or the option to add new people, etc. The correct assignment of feedback providers to feedback recipients can thus be handled without much effort. At the same time, the HR department retains an overview and control over the selection of feedback providers.

    • Participant invitations and reminders

      The selection of the feedback providers is followed directly by the feedback phase. All feedback providers are automatically sent a participant invitation by e-mail, which contains a link to the feedback questionnaire. At a defined time, all feedback providers will automatically receive a reminder message if they have not yet submitted any feedback. Live monitoring of participation rates and the option to send further reminders anonymously at the click of a button can help you achieve high response rates.

    • Evaluation and report delivery

      The data of the many online feedbacks are collected and stored directly on our certified servers. After the survey period, a personal results report is automatically generated for each manager and made available for download. Here, too, our software allows for various options: It is possible to send the results report only to the feedback recipient, to the personnel department or to other persons. The time of delivery can also be flexibly adjusted. We would be happy to coordinate the exact process with you in advance of the survey.

    We carry out your automated executive feedback

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    Adaptation to your needs instead of standard solutions


    While other feedback tools often prescribe standard processes or content, we design your feedback process according to your actual needs and adjust the degree of automation accordingly. This applies to all steps in the entire feedback process.


    Our experienced experts will develop a well-founded questionnaire that fits your competency model and management guidelines. In doing so, we pay attention to quality standards and use tested questions, among other things. If you have already developed a suitable questionnaire or used one in the past, it can be used 1:1 for feedback.

    The automated recording of feedback providers by the feedback recipient can also be flexibly adapted. As a rule, we offer three different procedures, which in turn can be designed differently:


    1. The feedback providers are completely specified by the personnel department.
    2. The feedback recipients choose their feedback providers completely freely.
    3. The feedback providers are partly specified by the HR department (e.g. for certain feedback perspectives). However, the feedback recipient can modify the selection and make additions.


    Our automated evaluation routines are adapted for each project, both in terms of content and design, to the respective questionnaire of the feedback as well as to the corporate design of the customer. We coordinate the exact contents of the results reports with you so that they meet your needs exactly.


    Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the 360-degree feedback questions

    Services at a glance

    • 1. Kickoff workshop and consulting

    • 2. Project management and hosting

    • 3. Questionnaire development and methodological consulting

    • 4. Questionnaire programming

    • 5. Acquisition phase of the feedback providers

    • 6. Automation of participant invitation and reminder

    • 7. Automated creation and delivery of an individual report for each manager

    • 8. General Report Advice on the follow-up process

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