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Measure the satisfaction of your customers with Rogator. The factsheet shows you all important Information and advantages at a glance.

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    B2B is a research world of its own

    Those who have companies as customers work with professionals. Nothing seems more logical than to hire real professionals like Rogator for your B2B customer survey. Benefit from Rogator’s experience in the confident handling of index figures such as Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) or Customer Effort Score (CES). The following applies to B2B: Each survey is individual and there is no one like the next.


    As your full-service provider, we will guide you competently through all project steps, from the kick-off to address procurement and the questionnaire, necessary translations and precise evaluation. With us you will not only learn about the satisfaction of your customers, but, above all, you will also gain insights into customer retention. Using multi-faceted analyses for your product groups and locations, we work with you to derive the potential for optimisation and establish direct contact with your very special customers.

    Test our B2B demo questionnaires for various industries:

    • The cooperation with Rogator was flawless for our internal customer satisfaction survey. Our survey was set up quickly and straightforwardly to our complete satisfaction!


      – Christian Salbach, ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion GmbH

    • When conducting our online surveys, we always feel very well taken care of by Rogator. The implementation of our projects is done with great dedication and is accompanied by valuable advice from the project management. We are happy to recommend Rogator to others.


      – Thomas Schneider, DB Fernverkehr AG

    • We have been conducting studies with Rogator for several years. The support in all matters is competent, reliable and fast. Overall, the project management was excellent!


      – Alexandra Lulla, TEBA Kreditbank

      Your benefits of a B2B customer survey with Rogator

      • Sophisticated survey models

        Using an index model, we find the perfect framework for your customer survey. Despite the enormous variety of products, services and customer relationships, we seek the standard in diversity. We flexibly adapt our models for CRI (customer loyalty), NPS® (enthusiasm) and CES (simplicity) and supplement them with questions about strategic factors, your image or your competitors.

      • Optimisation of the return flow

        Based on our many years of experience and expertise, we will work with you to individually design the important phases of advance communication and survey invitations. It is at these points that most mistakes are usually made, which can later lead to a lower response rate. With the help of various recommendations and measures, we will find the optimal strategy for you to get even supposedly difficult customers into the survey.

      • Reliable analyses

        We use all available information for a reasonable and goal-oriented analysis of your survey data. These evaluations are carried out on your central markets and/or product groups in relation to target groups. Individual analyses for the most important customers are also possible and expand your knowledge of their specific needs. The most direct form of feedback is the "profile" for each participant, which for data protection reasons, can only be generated if the participant voluntarily becomes de-anonymised.

      Your B2B customer survey with Rogator

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      The key success factors of a B2B customer survey

      • 1. Advance communication

        As with hardly any other form of survey, it is crucial for the success of the B2B customer survey that coordinated advance communication with the participants takes place. With the help of an optimised communication strategy, the ideal conditions for a high willingness to participate can be created in advance. The subsequent e-mail invitation to the survey should not be the first point of contact with the survey project for the customer's contact persons.

      • 2. Analysis model

        In addition to coordinated communication, a well-conceived model of customer satisfaction and customer retention is key to success in the B2B sector. Here it is important to identify the influencing factors relevant to the company in strategic and operational terms. Rogator recommends its models of the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), the Customer Retention Index (CRI) and the Customer Effort Score (CES) as a basis for analysis. These constructs are used to measure the decisive factors for a successful customer relationship: Enthusiasm, customer retention and simplicity.

      • 3. Responsive design

        The design of surveys in "Responsive Design" has meanwhile become a common practice. The Rogator G3plus software offers all necessary options for this purpose. The mobile display is automatically used as soon as the survey is called up via a smartphone, by way of example. This option is mainly used for B2B surveys by participants in management positions.

      Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the B2B customer survey

      Offer several language versions

      The online method and our professional questionnaire software G3plus allow your customers to freely choose the questionnaire language. And providing multiple languages is an act of courtesy and appreciation towards the participants. This is why as high a proportion of people as possible should be able to participate in their mother tongue. This generally also leads to a higher response rate.


      The “English only” option is often unsatisfactory and may lead to a lower validity of the measurement (due to comprehension problems) or even to the rejection of the customer survey. The necessary translations can be arranged by Rogator within a few days at a reasonable price or they can be provided by the client itself. The Rogator software offers no restrictions regarding the quantity and selection of certain languages. Language variants such as “French for Canada” or “Spanish for Latin America” are also planned.

      Services at a glance

      • 1. Kick-off workshop and consulting

      • 2. Support for advance communication

      • 3. Development and translation of questionnaires

      • 4. Questionnaire programming

      • 5. Participant invitation and multiple reminders

      • 6. Evaluation and reporting

      • 7. Presentation of results

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