Text Analysis Software RogTCS

Analysis and segmentation of large text volumes at a click

Our text analysis software RogTCS analyses and visualises unstructured text responses from qualitative samples at hight speed. Instead of spending enormous amounts of time evaluating and interpreting the data, simply import the answers of respondents to the application and RogTCS does the rest: the software automates word processing using computational linguistic methods, independently recognises topics, assigns them to clusters and visualises these in a semantic map. You can optimise the results individually to your specifications withour requiring any expert knowledge - minimum effort, maximum value.

The Highlights of Rog TCS

  • Minimal amount of time required for the analysis of unstructured texts - even in very large samples
  • Inductive method - no preparations necessary
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • No expert knowledge required
  • More frequent use of open-ended questions enable flexible and shorter questionnaires
  • Inexpensive, as manual labour (such as for encoding) becomes unnecessary
  • Fast analysis at a consistently high quality with objective results
  • Operating system independent web application

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