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Factsheet RogTCS

The text analysis software RogTCS enables a fast and automated evaluation of open questions and this in a clear presentation. The most important facts about RogTCS can be found here.

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    RogTCS-Textanalyse durch Person mit Lupe

    Lightning-fast evaluation of open questions

    TCS stands for “Text, Cluster, Sentiment“. This describes how the text analysis software works: RogTCS analyses the answers to open text questions in your surveys in a few moments, without any manual pre-processing or coding.


    The text is analysed with regard to the topics and the sentiment, i.e.: Is a statement positive or negative? The results are presented clearly in a semantic map or as a table. In this way, you can take full advantage of qualitative aspects in quantitative market feedback – in a completely automated manner and irrespective of the size of the data volume.

    Your advantages with RogTCS

    • Automated analysis of qualitative survey data

      RogTCS relieves you of the time-consuming and costly task of manually evaluating large amounts of data from open text entries. This not only saves time, but also money.

    • Text analysis on the basis of state-of-the-art computer linguistic methods

      With RogTCS, you can rely on the highest and most consistent quality in the analysis and utilisation of your data and on objective results without human bias.

    • No previous knowledge necessary

      As a web application, RogTCS makes an installation superfluous. The user-friendly, intuitive application does not require any previous knowledge.

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    Clustering, segmentation and visualisation

    Analyse and visualise survey results in the blink of an eye! This is how the lean process works:


    Step 1: Data import

    Import your data in the popular CSV format with just one click.


    Step 2: Start analysis

    The input data is analysed automatically by subjecting the text material to computer-linguistic pre-processing.


    Step 3: Topic clustering

    The software automatically combines similar and related entries into topic clusters, which are named according to characteristic entries.


    Step 4: Sentiment analysis

    The recognition of the sentiment is also fully automatic, i.e. whether the evaluations are positive, neutral or negative.


    Step 5: Visualisation of clusters

    On a semantic map, the topics are displayed in circles whose size, colour and proximity to each other are representative of the frequency, sentiment rating, and content proximity or distance of the topics. In addition, the individual clusters and their names can be displayed in tabular form. Linking and visualisation with metadata is also possible. Of course, you can export your results to common formats such as CSV or PDF for further processing or presentation. For detailed analysis, clusters can be merged or split. It is also possible to define synonyms, i.e. different values are regarded as identical for clustering.

    RogTCS Einsatzmoeglichkeiten Tablet

    More information despite smaller volume

    By using RogTCS, more flexible and shorter questionnaires can be designed, which can even outperform the informative value of long surveys with many clickable answer options and rating scales. This is because open questions facilitate unfiltered feedback. It doesn’t matter in which language the answers are given – RogTCS is suitable for all languages, including special characters, thanks to the import of language libraries.

    You can build on these functionalities with RogTCS

    • Data import of survey results in CSV format
    • Text analysis on the basis of state-of-the-art computer linguistic methods
    • Automated clustering: Recognition of content and topics according to their affiliation and sentiment
    • Summary of related entries
    • Individual definition of synonyms and stop words for further refinement of the analysis
    • Sentiment analysis: Independent detection of polarity of the qualitative data
    • Visualisation of the clusters on a two-dimensional thematic map (semantic map): The size, colour and proximity of the circles show the frequency, polarity and context of the entries, as well as in table structure
    • List of clusters in table structure
    • Splitting and merging of clusters possible with a mouse click
    • Export of results as CSV and PDF files for further processing or presentation
    Teaser RogTCS Bildschirm

    RogTCS is characterised by its high user-friendliness

    • Purely intuitive procedure – no preparatory work or previous knowledge required
    • Reduced time spent analysing unstructured text – even with large samples (no sample size limitation)
    • Enables shorter, more flexible questionnaires by using open questions
    • Web application, no installation necessary
    • High analysis speed
    • Constant analysis quality with objective results without human bias
    • Suitable for all languages and special characters thanks to the import of language libraries

    Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the RogTCS

    RogTCS Auswertung auf Laptop

    Arrange a software presentation now!

    Do the import and evaluation of text material really work so easily? What exactly do the results look like? Do you really not need any previous knowledge to use the program efficiently? Make an appointment today for the presentation of the text analysis software RogTCS and convince yourself in person about this intelligent solution!



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    Lizenzmodelle zur Nutzung von RogTCS

    We offer our proven text analysis software in different licence models, so that a suitable model is available for every user and for every project. RogTCS is available as an annual or monthly licence. In addition, we offer hosting as well as an extended service & support package.


    We would be happy to advise you individually on our range of Services.

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