Our G3plus survey software

Is our software right for you?

Faced with a very diverse range of solutions for online market research, it is not always easy to identify the right application for your needs. Rogator's G3plus survey software has been specifically designed to deal with the requirements of more challenging survey projects. Our user-friendly software comes complete with a wide selection of filter features and extensive layout options. However, if you do happen to encounter any difficulties, we will be happy to help with the programming of your questionnaire or to advise you on methodological aspects of your online survey.

Create your own panel with our panel software

Optimal communication with your customers

Engage with your customers and communicate with your target group - directly and with no misunderstandings. More and more companies are creating their own customer panels to step up and improve their communication with target audiences. Our RogPanel panel software helps you to create and manage your own customer panel. In combination with our G3plus survey software and the RogForum community software, it opens up almost unlimited avenues for communication. An overview of the creation of a customer panel and the features of our panel software can be found under Panel software.

Our 360° feedback software Rog360

Leadership development with automated 360° feedbacks

The 360° feedback is an established tool for leadership development. We offer you the ideal software you need for easy and efficient implementation of such leadership feedback. With Rog360 we have developed a solution that lets you perform all processes of a 360 degree feedback. Automatically.

Our Text Analysis Software RogTCS

Analysis of large text volumes at a click

Open-ended questions to generate qualitative data provide incalculable advantages to marketing research: they allow for substantially shorter questionnaires, they enable unaided surveys, and the respondent's unfiltered feedback supplies valuable information. Until now, the analysis was time consuming and expensive. Existing technical solutions for text analysis are based on the deductive method, which severely limits analysis depth, is very involved and requires expert knowledge.

In contrast, RogTCS uses the inductive method, meaning the software is able with minimal preparations to analyse, structure and interpret unstructured data from open- ended questions on a fully automated basis in seconds.

RogTCS offers a perfect symbiosis between qualitative and quantitative data collection.

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