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Online forums, live chats and diaries: knowledge that lasts!

Would you like to digitize your existing qualitative research methods more strongly and conduct them online more quickly and easily in the future? Or are you perhaps planning to conduct even more targeted product development with your own customer panels, to optimize your service offering or to expand your ad hoc research with different target groups with qualitative approaches?


The professional software RogQ-Lab intuitively supports the comfortable implementation of online forums, live chats and diaries. Benefit from agile and modern research approaches for your qualitative studies! You can brand the platform to your CI, create any language versions and thus adapt RogQ-Lab individually to your company and research needs and topics. Offer your panelists and research participants varied study formats and thus increase participation motivation for your panel as well.

Your advantages with RogQ-Lab

  • Variety of topics & backup

    Any number of topic chats or forums can be set up. You determine which topics are displayed to the participants. Moreover, no discussion contribution or thought is lost for you. All content can be conveniently exported in CSV format. If you wish, our text analysis software RogTCS can support you with the automated evaluation of the text contributions.

  • Spontaneous survey option

    Do you need a quick mood picture? An initial brainstorming session? Quick feedback on a project, service, concept or product? With the integrated questionnaire editor, a short survey for the discussion participants can be implemented in a flash.

  • Full control

    The responsible moderator has full control over the participant base at all times. They can control the forum entries and directly remove inappropriate statements. Furthermore, you can block participants for a short or long period of time, for example in case of unequal communication shares or an opinion leader.

Are you interested in our community software?

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Live chats for online focus groups

Thanks to the live chat function, online group discussions can be conducted in RogQ-Lab and participant opinions can be queried and evaluated at the same time. Start anonymous voting within an online focus group with short and ad-hoc surveys using the questionnaire editor! It is also just as easy to insert multimedia content such as graphics or videos as it is for the moderator to mute individual participants.

Online forums: Participation is expressly encouraged!


In the forums, participants can either contribute in writing or upload files, images, etc.. Individually expandable categories ensure clarity and diversity of all your research topics.

Various additional functions for the moderator:


  • Administration of community members
  • Allocation of rights of participants
  • Control of forum entries
  • Deletion of content and deactivation of participants in case of inappropriate comments
  • Invitation of participants who are not visible to the community, e.g. for the client to follow their posts
  • Export of data from forums, diaries and chats in CSV format
  • Interface to RogPanel software from Rogator

Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the RogQ-Lab

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