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What benefits does a dedicated community bring?

Qualitative-based software solutions greatly expand the spectrum of online market research. Not all facts can be portrayed on quantitative scales. However, the full potential of qualitative research can be tapped into only if it is expanded to encompass the group dynamics created as a result of interaction and discussion. Your market research participants now communicate not only with you, they also interact with each other, thanks to the Rogator community software platform.
These interactions provide valuable insights, for example on usage of an existing product or opinions of a new product concept. Your customers' creative ideas - paired with your own expertise - can help you to improve existing services and may even provide inspiration for new products. A summary of the basic features of our software is presented below.

Features of our community software

Qualitative market research with RogForum

Our RogForum community software offers a wide range of features for qualitative research projects. Invite selected panel participants to join your community or contact people who are not yet included in your panel - this option is also possible. Engage in discussions using live chat, forums or blogs, and make use of the many additional options opened up by the software (e.g. upload images, online surveys and private chats).

  • Forum: Create different topics in your forum to discuss various issues in more detail. As the administrator, you can hold public, private or hidden chats and can also review forum postings.

  • Tasks: If you wish, you can assign specific tasks to each member of the community. This feature allows you to quickly gather information for subsequent market research analyses. You can also choose from a selection of task types (single and multiple choice, open text questions with uploaded images, discussions) and assign them to selected participants.

  • Live chat for online focus groups: The live chat feature allows you to conduct online group discussions and gather and evaluate participants' opinions. Once again, you can choose between public and private live chats. The main highlight is the option of sending participants ad hoc surveys. The software includes a questionnaire editor with different question types.

  • Blog: The blog also distinguishes between private and public posts. A private blog can be compared to a diary that only the actual author and administrator can view. A public blog is a kind of journal or newsletter that everyone is able to read and comment on.

Our community software is the ideal complement for our panel software. More information about our software solutions is available from our Consulting team. We will also be happy to demonstrate the software in a brief online presentation.

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