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Factsheet Rog360

With the help of the Rog360 software, you can easily and efficiently obtain your 360-degree feedback. In our factsheet you will find all important information about our 360-degree feedback suite.

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Obtaining feedback, recognising potential

Rog360 is the ideal 360-degree feedback tool if you are looking for efficient manager development. With the help of the convenient user interface, all relevant process steps of your management feedback can be managed and automated, from intuitive questionnaire creation to participant invitation and reporting. At the same time, the software ensures confidential and anonymous feedback by adhering to set evaluation thresholds.


The selective assignment of roles makes it possible to collect feedback at all relevant personnel levels such as supervisors, employees or external partners and customers. Above all in comparison with their own self-assessment, the manager receives a meaningful picture of their strengths and weaknesses. The reports provided provide a full “panoramic view” and, with the valid database, also create the basis for decision-making in strategic management development.

Your advantages with Rog360

  • Automated 360-degree feedback

    Rog360 allows you to collect manager feedback efficiently and conveniently: From inviting participants to delivering reports, even for international projects, everything runs automatically. Optional reminders remind people to participate.

  • Convenient operation

    The convenient operation of the software makes a tedious training period obsolete. In no time at all, managers are invited to take part in the survey and select their feedback providers from various roles easily and conveniently themselves.

  • Meaningful reporting

    Professional data analyses individually tailored to the company: Define the content and layout of the reports in advance according to your needs. A multilingual edition is also possible on request.

Get 360-degree feedback quickly with Rog360

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Rog360 Feedback recipients

Feedback on up to five levels

Simple and efficient

For a differentiated management assessment, different groups are involved in the implementation. Rog360 takes into account the indicators established for the efficient implementation of management feedback. The online-based procedure saves you a lot of organisational effort compared to paper surveys. This procedure is intuitive and convenient for all participants and, above all, for managers.


You upload your employee list including the organisational structure easily and conveniently at the push of a button and then define the execution period and contents of the questionnaire. Participating supervisors select their feedback providers from various roles themselves and at the same time give a self-assessment of their own skill sets. Combined with the external assessments of employees, colleagues, superiors and, if necessary, customers, the automatically generated reports finally produce an assessment that provides managers and HR departments with valuable impulses for improvements.



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Rog360 offers the following functions

  • Import function
    Import of feedback participants in CSV format, participant list can be uploaded with or without details of the organisational structure
  • Role assignment
    Determination of feedback recipients and feedback providers via the Rog360 interface, input of min and max values to maintain anonymity and limit feedback providers
  • Mailing function
    Invitation of feedback providers and recipients via integrated mailing function, automated and/or manual reminder sending
  • Reporting function
    Automated generation of reports in the desired language
  • Download function
    Download reports via SSL-encrypted platform in PDF format

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Help your managers to reach the next level: With Rog360, we provide you with a powerful tool for efficiently performing 360-degree feedback. Do you want to know how our powerful software can help you with your specific application? Please contact us. Our experts will show you all functions of the software and answer your specific questions in a free webinar tailored to your individual needs.

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Licence models for the use of Rog360

We offer our proven 360-degree feedback tool in different licence models, so that a suitable model is available for every user and every project. Rog360 is available e.g. as an annual licence with various workshops and additional services.


We would be happy to advise you individually on our range of services.

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