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Employee feedbacks can help your company in its further development. All facts about exit survey can be found here.

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The active termination of an employee or, more generally, the departure of a colleague from the company is rarely welcome. As a rule, in addition to the loss of know-how, a gap is left behind which needs to be filled again quickly. Nevertheless, these processes are a reality and companies should actively use them in order to position themselves better in the future. This is why you should find out the reasons why your employees are leaving by conducting an exit survey and learn from the separation.


As your service provider for employee feedback, we design the appropriate feedback process for you individually for the survey of employees who have left or will leave the company. You can benefit from our experience with regard to thematic implementation and invitation management. The continuously collected data will help you better understand why valuable employees are leaving. You can then use this information for your activities to optimize your employer branding.

Your advantages of an exit survey with Rogator

  • Full-service offer

    Together with you, we look at the specific conditions in your company and determine the best time to start with exit feedback. The list of questions will be tailored to your company's situation and your previous experience with terminations.

  • Flexible invitation management

    We use all reasonable channels to transmit the necessary information: Regardless of whether it is an e-mail, letter invitation or paper survey, the medium is not important. All of this is of course carried out in compliance with the relevant data protection requirements.

  • Precise analyses

    Depending on the frequency of personnel changes, various evaluation formats are available: From periodic quarterly reports to automated dashboards, we meet your expectations and ensure that you always have an overview of all developments.

Your exit interview with Rogator

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Three important elements of exit feedback


In order to understand the overall process of an exit survey, it is important to understand that, as a rule, these are not singular survey projects that are completed after a certain period of time and end with the final presentation of results. Exit surveys are intended as an ongoing process in which companies learn continuously. The following insights are generally of primary interest:

  • Determine causes

    In order to better understand how terminations occur, you should determine the relevant motives. If these motives are predominantly reasons that can be controlled by the respective company, these can be action-relevant fields for concrete improvements. Personal reasons, on the other hand, can hardly be influenced.

  • Feedback of strengths and weaknesses

    A person leaving the company often looks at the organisation with a more neutral distance. There is something to be learned from this knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the former employer. It is important at this point to use suitable items and fine-grained scales in order to be able to reproduce even nuances and slight fluctuations in response behaviour over time.

  • Insight into the competition

    To a certain extent, it is often possible to find out what aspects a former employee values in his future employer - if this has already been determined - or what hopes the colleague places in the new position. Questions of this kind must of course be asked in a very general and neutral manner, so that the impression is not created that the internal affairs of the new company are being asked.

Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the exit survey

Services at a glance

  • 1. Kick-off workshops and consulting

  • 2. Questionnaire development and translations, if necessary

  • 3. Advice and support for advance communication

  • 4. Participant invitation (paper or e-mail)

  • 5. Survey implementation (online, paper-pencil, hybrid)

  • 6. Evaluation and reporting

  • 7. Dashboard

  • 8. Follow-up processes

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