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Rogator project facelift

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The successful all-round renewal of your survey projects


Breathe new life into your survey: The Rogator project facelift provides a sophisticated renovation roadmap for your long-standing survey or market research projects and addresses all relevant project elements in detail. Increase the response rate for your survey: Your participants will feel the new momentum in their usual survey project and will thank you with motivated participation.

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The Rogator project facelift ensures the quality and success of your survey project in the future. For this purpose, Rogator puts the technical and content-related basis of the project as well as the entire communication process to the test. By evaluating the current state, you can obtain a targeted, objective overview. Your subjective observations and findings from the previous survey waves are also incorporated into the analysis.


Based on this broad knowledge base, coupled with our many years of experience, we use our well thought-out and systematic roadmap to carry out a holistic revision and rejuvenation process for your existing surveys.

Your advantages with the Rogator project facelift

  • Individual renovation roadmap

    Rogator offers you an individual all-round renewal of your existing survey projects. To do this, we put all project elements and the related processes to the test: we start with the layout, move on to the questionnaire content, examine the sampling and approach, and then devote intensive attention to the analysis process.

  • Expertise of many years

    Benefit from our knowledge and diverse experience from managing a wide variety of long-term projects as well as continuous feedback processes. This way, your survey project will remain a success in the future.

  • Universal project applicability

    The Rogator project faceliftcan be applied to a wide variety of market research processes. Whether customer or employee surveys or even panel and executive feedback. The new momentum resulting from the relaunch pays off in many places and leads not least to more motivated participants.

The Rogator project facelift- Breathe new life into your survey!

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The Rogator project facelift

Implement successful feedback projects with a breath of fresh air

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The power of habituation is often underestimated. It creeps in at various points, not only with the participants in your survey projects. But also among those involved in the process, the clients or the technicians. And suddenly it becomes clear that the momentum with which the project was once started is simply no longer there. And this lack of passion has a negative impact at various points. This is where a neutral view from the outside can work small and big wonders!

Regardless of whether it is a Rogator project or not: As your service provider, we first obtain an objective overview of the current status of your project. In doing so, we primarily examine the technical elements as well as the past survey data. Furthermore, we incorporate your subjective observations and findings from the previous waves and our diverse experiences from a multitude of different projects. Based on this knowledge base, we start our holistic revision and rejuvenation process using a well thought-out and systematic roadmap.

Survey optimization on the fly

Whether it’s a satisfaction survey, employee feedback or a customer panel: we create an individual and well thought-out renovation roadmap for your project. At all points we ask ourselves: Is the existing still good enough? At which points could a positive effect be achieved with a revision or refreshment? Together with you, we find the right answers to these questions and put them into practice.


The following outline using the example of a satisfaction survey represents only a part of the elements and actions by way of example:

  • Communication

    • Review/streamline/improve process of communication.
    • New look, new communication channels
    • …

  • Sample

    • Check samples used for reasonableness / change if necessary
    • Simplify address collection process (data economy)
    • …

  • Recruitment / Invitation

    • Revision of texts / comprehensibility
    • Layout design (HTML e-mails)
    • Check option "first question in e-mail
    • …

  • Questionnaire contents

    • Wording individual questions (reduce ambiguities, complexities, suggestive effects)
    • Shorten texts as a whole, shorten or delete explanations / interview instructions
    • Check right to exist of each individual question ("need-to-know"? Or only "nice-to-know"?)
    • Add needed language
    • …

  • Questionnaire layout

    • Recognizability of the client's corporate design
    • Responsive design for smartphones
    • ...

  • Reporting

    • Check dashboard option
    • Ensure corporate design
    • Examine comprehensibility of presentations
    • …

  • We consider a variety of individual aspects in the individual project elements as listed before. Depending on the project type, these elements are of varying relevance.
  • However, the following always applies: The sum of these aspects makes up the overall quality of your project. Let us together bring fresh wind and new momentum into your feedback projects. Start your market research wellness program!

Insights on the Rogator project facelift

Rogator advises you individually on all questions concerning the project facelift

Services at a glance

  • Individual project facelift for your feedback project

  • Includes the analysis of all individual aspects of the survey

  • New and creative forms of communication

  • Modern and up-to-date questionnaire layout

  • Check of questionnaire contents (wording, scales, ...)

  • Check sampling and recruitment

  • Optimization of invitation process (layout design, survey period, timing, ...)

  • Evaluation and reporting (complementary analysis methods, more modern look, dashboard, ...)

  • Implementation Roadmap

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