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*Rogator AG is the official licensee for the protected brand names Net Promoter Score, NPS and Net Promoter System of BAIN & Company INC. For further information please contact us.

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Factsheet Net Promoter Score®

When collecting an NPS®, we offer you a full-service package for your continuous feedback process. Learn more about our services.

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    NPS®plus survey: Measure the NPS®plus more cleverly with Rogator


    Are your customers just satisfied or already enthusiastic? Find out quickly and easily with the NPS®plus! Strengthen your customer loyalty through targeted measures and the right handling of promoters, neutrals and detractors.

    Don’t leave the satisfaction and repurchase intention of your customers to chance: Rogator supports you as a qualified partner in measuring your Net Promoter Score®. Benefit from our extensive experience from supporting a large number of B2B and B2C customers.


    Rogator’s NPS®plus is an extended NPS® system that is individually tailored to your company – and offers you numerous advantages that go far beyond the collection of a key figure: Identification of systemic and process-related weaknesses, alert system with contact option in real time, data update, result visualisation with interactive dasbhoards along the relevant touchpoints of the customer journey. With the NPS®plus you optimise your business processes and actively work on customer loyalty and retention.

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    • When conducting our online surveys, we always feel very well taken care of by Rogator. The implementation of our projects is done with great dedication and is accompanied by valuable advice from the project management. We are happy to recommend Rogator to others.


      – Thomas Schneider, DB Fernverkehr AG

    • What we appreciate most about our service provider Rogator is the good support, pronounced solution orientation as well as the uncomplicated and fast implementation of the project. We are very happy to work with Rogator.


      – Simon Kaufhold, Robin Look GmbH

    • Rogator has convinced us as a service provider. Both the competence and the commitment of the employees exceeded our expectations.


      – Ingo Bittner, Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH

      Your advantages from a Rogator NPSplus® survey

      • Full service offer

        From invitation management to individual feedback, we support you in all process steps. In addition, we offer various technical solutions, such as interfaces to CRM systems for the automated invitation of participants by e-mail and/or SMS (RogMessenger).

      • Extensive services

        The NPS®plus measurement with Rogator extends far beyond the mere determination of the NPS® characteristic number. In addition to the core question about the willingness to recommend, specific additional questions are developed, differentiated text feedback is used and a score-dependent alert function is offered, which is activated at particularly low scores and allows a quick reaction to individual feedback.

      • Transactional NPS®plus survey survey

        Through specific feedback on concrete business transactions or customer touchpoints, you receive more detailed information about the optimization potential in your company compared to a traditional customer survey.

      Your NPS®plus survey with Rogator

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      How can Rogator help you with a Net Promoter Scores® survey?


      We supervise the project setup for NPS® or NPS®plus from the beginning and are your reliable partner throughout all work phases. We offer you a full-service package, from individual consultation to the implementation and evaluation of your NPS® survey and support you in every desired project phase with our experienced specialists and our professional, high-performance software. With this combination, the willingness of your customers to recommend you to others can be efficiently determined and improved at various touchpoints.


      Rogator sees the measurement of the Net Promoter Score® not only as a singular measure, but also as an important prelude to a measurement that has been extended by a few detailed questions. The additional questions not only increase the level of information for the client, but also leave the respondents with the conviction that they have given substantial and therefore meaningful feedback.


      Our email-based alert system with escalation logic links you even closer to your most important customers via this direct feedback function and allows an immediate and individual reaction to potentially negative business transactions.


      RogMessenger and RogMessengerPlus offer you the possibility to automate your invitation management. Various touchpoints defined by you are used as trigger functions. Every customer contact at one of your touchpoints, such as the purchase of a product, triggers the automatic sending of invitations by e-mail or SMS. The use of Grace Periods and Robinson Lists ensures that your participants are not overused.

      Three steps to your NPS®plus

      • Conception

        Rogator bases the NPS® not only on the two classical core questions of this method. For a more detailed picture of the mood and a higher benefit of the survey, we develop specific additional questions in cooperation with you. Subsequently, our technology is programmed, naturally in the corporate design of your company.

      • Data collection phase

        Subsequently, a mostly automated, continuous invitation management is implemented, which among other things ensures that individuals are not addressed several times within a defined period (grace period). During all phases Rogator gives you the possibility to access the aggregated data in real time. In addition, you can filter results on secondary data and thus selectively isolate detailed information.

      • Dashboard evaluation

        Our interactive premium dashboard is ideal for displaying the NPS®plus over time. In addition to time series, the dashboard allows you to filter on organizational units and individual process components within your value chain. With the detailed feedback on specific topics and touchpoints, you receive immediate and clear information on the optimisation potential of your process chain.

      Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the NPS®plus

      Block Net Promoter Score Diagramme

      Introducing the NPS®plus with Rogator

      The NPS® is designed to be used as a key performance indicator (KPI) in companies over the long term. Therefore, various factors must be taken into account when introducing this measuring instrument for customer enthusiasm.


      Against this background, we also advise you on the following important questions so that your NPS® survey is successful right from the start:

      • How often and at what times would you like to ask questions?
      • How should the invitation process be implemented (Layout, time, dispatch, secondary data, multiple invitation protection, etc.)?
      • Which form and presentation of the evaluation ideally supports your process and which information navigation sustainably promotes your improvement system?

      A functioning technical infrastructure also plays an important role in the implementation of an NPS®plus survey: In order to properly handle the entire process from the invitation to the evaluation, we work together with you to ensure that all set screws are fine-tuned.


      Services at a glance

      • 1. Project management and hosting

      • 2. Questionnaire development NPS®plus

      • 3. Questionnaire design and mobile optimisation

      • 4. Questionnaire programming

      • 5. Automated invitation management

      • 6. Evaluation and dashboard-reporting

      • 7. Workshops

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