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Factsheet Management feedback

In the targeted further development of managers, 90-/180-/270- or 360-degree feedback contributes to success. Learn more about our services in our factsheet.

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    Would you like to measure the leadership competence and performance in your company in order to identify development potential and develop competences in a targeted manner? Do you want to measure the effectiveness and implementation of your competency model and/or leadership guidelines? Then Rogator is the right partner for you.


    We support you in the implementation and execution of your 90-/180-/270- or 360-degree feedback – a management feedback from several perspectives – for the further development of your management personnel. For this purpose, we use various technical and organisational procedures as well as our powerful Rogator software to conduct the survey efficiently and conveniently for all participants. You too can benefit from the many years of experience of our consultants when it comes to conceptual, content-related or organisational questions.

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    What does a survey on the subject of executive feedback look like?

    Click on the button below or scan the QR code with your smartphone to start various demo surveys. You can take a closer look at some examples with a few questions (some of them multilingual). We design your survey – in terms of content and appearance – exactly according to your needs.

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    Your advantages of management feedback with Rogator

    • High flexibility

      In an executive feedback with Rogator - no matter how many perspectives - we take your leadership guidelines and value systems and adapt the list of questions flexibly and precisely to your needs and requirements. In doing so, we integrate all topics that are relevant to your strategy and guidelines and provide you with comprehensive advice.

    • Software competence

      In addition to professional content and conceptual consulting, we also provide the appropriate technical tools and software tools (e.g. Rog360). You can therefore be sure that with Rogator you are commissioning an integrated service provider for your executive feedback.

    • Strict data protection

      Data protection is one of the most important issues in executive feedback with Rogator. We do not involve any external providers and manage your data exclusively on our certified server environment to ensure the protection of your sensitive data at all times. We also ensure anonymity during evaluation.

    We develop and support your 90-/180-/270- or 360 degree feedback

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    Three steps to the best results

    • Preparation

      We support you in importing participants on the basis of existing organisational structures and check their completeness. To this end, we define feedback periods together, define the minimum and maximum number of feedback providers and participate in the preliminary communication on the project (e.g. information flyer or circular). In addition, we develop a questionnaire tailored to your needs.

    • Field phase

      Within the field phase, i.e. the specified survey period, the feedback providers give their assessments and the feedback recipients evaluate themselves. In order to increase the response rate, we also send reminders during this phase and remind employees to participate.

    • Evaluation

      At the end of the survey, the evaluation of the feedback is made available for download in the form of reports. In these, a comparison is made between the managers' self-assessment and the feedback from employees. The reports form the basis for subsequent recommendations for action. During the evaluation, of course, defined anonymity thresholds are stored and adhered to in order to ensure the anonymity of the feedback provider.

    An executive feedback from several perspectives


    We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the exact design of your feedback process. The selection of the feedback provider groups is decisive. The more groups or perspectives you add, the more comprehensive and holistic the feedback is for the manager, who thus receives differentiated feedback on his or her behaviour in different situations. When selecting the groups, the organization and the actual working relationships of the managers in your company are decisive and should be taken into account. An overview of possible feedback processes:

    • 90-degree feedback: Here only the direct employees of a manager are interviewed. As a rule, this is the basis of all management feedback.
    • 180-degree feedback: In addition to the employees, the feedback recipient’s supervisor also provides feedback. Depending on the organization, this may sometimes involve more than one person.
    • 270-degree feedback: In addition to the two groups mentioned above, it is also advisable to involve colleagues of the feedback recipient in the feedback process. Especially in matrix organisations or companies with strongly interdepartmental working relationships (e.g. in the form of project work), colleagues are also a valuable source of feedback.
    360 degree feedback
    • 360-degree feedback : Less frequent, but in some cases quite useful, is the involvement of another feedback provider group. In the classic case, these are external people who are in a working relationship with the feedback recipient. Some of the questions may have to be controlled for this group, which is technically possible without any problems.


    In addition to the above-mentioned perspectives, we believe it is essential that the managers receiving feedback also conduct a self-assessment. By comparing the perception of others with their own, hidden strengths and weaknesses are revealed and a deeper self-reflection of their own leadership behaviour is enabled and initiated. This is a basic prerequisite for the motivation to further develop leadership skills.

    Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the management feedback

    Possible topics of your 90-/180-/270-/360-degree feedbacks


    Executive feedback differs substantially from client to client. As a rule, we select suitable subject areas based on your management guidelines and competency models and develop a suitable questionnaire for your needs.

    Common topics that are included in management feedback are e.g:


    • Leadership
    • Communication and information
    • Appreciation / recognition / motivation
    • Control of the completion of tasks / delegation
    • Support for personal development
    • Professional competence
    • Strategic / entrepreneurial thinking
    • Target and result orientation
    • Critical and conflict behaviour
    Eine Mitarbeiterbefragung bringt Mitarbeitende zusammen. Personen halten Puzzelteile in der Hand als Symbol für Zusammenhalt.

    Additional dimensions as required:

    • Power of innovation/creativity
    • Management of different interests / trustful cooperation
    • Time management
    • Motivation and willingness to perform
    • Learning ability
    • Embodiment of corporate values / culture
    • Decision behaviour / ability to make decisions
    • Willingness and competence to change
    • Fair treatment / equal opportunities / social competence

    Services at a glance

    • 1. Kick-off workshop

    • 2. Project management and hosting

    • 3. Questionnaire development and methodological consulting

    • 4. Questionnaire design and mobile optimisation

    • 5. Questionnaire programming

    • 6. Advice and support with advance communication

    • 7. Participant invitation and reminders

    • 8. Individual reporting for each manager

    • 9. Complete report

    • 10. Advice on the follow-up process

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