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    International customer surveys

    It is precisely when your customers are distributed across the globe that you need a reliable partner for your customer survey with extensive experience in managing diverse languages and their cultural adaptations. Equally important is the technical expertise for the implementation of non-Latin alphabets as well as a computer centre that ensures the highest data security standards and worldwide accessibility at all times.


    The online method allows your customers to make a free choice regarding the language of the questionnaire. The highest possible percentage of participants should be able to participate in their mother tongue, as providing several languages is a form of courtesy and appreciation towards the participants, above all if they are not from the business environment but are consumers. This usually also leads to a higher participation rate and more valid results.

    Testing the B2B demonstration questionnaire
    • When conducting our online surveys, we always feel very well taken care of by Rogator. The implementation of our projects is done with great dedication and is accompanied by valuable advice from the project management. We are happy to recommend Rogator to others.


      – Thomas Schneider, DB Fernverkehr AG

    • What we appreciate most about our service provider Rogator is the good support, pronounced solution orientation as well as the uncomplicated and fast implementation of the project. We are very happy to work with Rogator.


      – Simon Kaufhold, Robin Look GmbH

    • Rogator has convinced us as a service provider. Both the competence and the commitment of the employees exceeded our expectations.


      – Ingo Bittner, Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH

      Three advantages of the international customer survey with Rogator

      • Translation management

        Rogator has an efficient network of translation agencies both for common world languages such as Mandarin or Russian and for more "exotic" variants such as Hindi, Vietnamese or Walloon etc.

        Necessary translations for mailings and questionnaires can thus be provided within a few days. If you as a client have your own translation services, these resources can of course also be used.

      • Language templates in the Rogator software

        The proven Rogator G3plus survey software currently already about 50 language templates as so-called function texts. These are essentially standardised fill-in instructions for online surveys, such as "Please enter a number". If the language you require is not yet included, we can add it within a few days.

      • High-performance hosting

        Rogator AG's survey servers are located in one of Europe's most modern data centres in Nuremberg and are connected to all important international Internet nodes via a dedicated high-performance backbone. In addition, local servers are available to us worldwide if required.

      Your international customer survey with Rogator

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      Three success factors of your international customer survey

      • Selection of relevant languages

        Rogator also advises you on the cost aspects of selecting the required language variants. For translations we rely on long-standing service partners. All languages are implemented and intensively tested in the Rogator G3plus software. We would be pleased to coordinate with your international colleagues during the proofreading process.

      • Participant Management

        For B2C surveys Rogator has access panel partners with international participants. The invitations sent by the panel operators are directly linked to the Rogator platform. In B2B surveys , the client usually provides the contact data, which we process securely in a mailing procedure. Participants are contacted in the desired language and are either taken directly to the respective survey version in the national language or they can select their preferred language on a selection page when the interview starts.

      • Differentiated reporting

        The benefit of each survey lies in the application of the results. Either our Premium Dashboard with filter function and detailed rights system is available for this purpose. Or you can receive individual reports for each country, region, product group or business area for transfer. The results reports are usually delivered internationally via our download platform and can also be produced in different languages on request.

      Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding international customer surveys

      Services at a glance

      • 1. Kick-off workshop and consulting

      • 2. Support with the recruitment of participants

      • 3. Support for advance communication

      • 4. Development and translation of questionnaires

      • 5. Questionnaire programming

      • 6. Participant invitation and multiple reminders

      • 7. International panel management

      • 8. Evaluation and international reporting

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