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Modern working environments

Home office, teleworking and flexible workplaces: Optimise your organisation
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Flexible workplaces as a reaction to the changed world of work


The 2020/2021 pandemic situation has ensured that the working world and its framework conditions in very many companies and organisations have changed very significantly in a dramatically short period of time. As a consequence of the duty of care or due to official regulations, very many companies allow their employees to work from home or flexibly on a long-term or temporary basis.

These changes in work organisation, which affect many employees in one fell swoop, are naturally associated with challenges that need to be investigated and evaluated. It is foreseeable that many forms of digital working will remain with us even after the pandemic is over. Therefore, empirical data is needed with the help of which management can optimise flexible working and the structural, technical and work-pedagogical framework conditions.


This is where your reliable service provider for employee feedback comes into play: Rogator AG. Together with you, we determine the most important information needs in the respective current situation. We design your individual survey project based on our many years of experience in employee research. Come on board and benefit from it!

  • For the technical implementation of our diverse survey projects, we have a long-standing partner at our side in Rogator. We particularly appreciate Rogator’s pronounced expertise and the high quality of their services. This, the flexibility of our contact persons, their fast response times and last but not least the uncomplicated cooperation have repeatedly confirmed our decision in favour of Rogator.


    – Beatrice Neuwald, CIP Corporate Intelligence Partners

  • The collaboration with Rogator was smooth and trusting – we could always count on Rogator’s relevant experience. All our specifications and wishes were implemented reliably, quickly and flawlessly.


    – Dr. Thorsten Klaas-Wissing, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

  • Rogator demonstrates a strong customer and service orientation in our joint survey projects. All project steps are always implemented reliably and promptly. And as a customer, I am always comprehensively and competently informed and advised.


    – Dr. Munira Schömann, Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig

    Your advantages with a digital workplace survey with Rogator

    • Speed

      The major changes in the world of work are happening right now, often regardless of whether they are centrally ordered or controlled or not. We can work with you to identify your research needs and launch your customised flexible working survey within a few weeks.

    • Mobile survey

      The aspect of flexible working is also embodied by your survey: Our surveys are responsive, which means they can also be comfortably edited on any internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

    • Expertise

      Benefit from our experience in managing hundreds of employee feedback projects over 20 years. We know the key points that have to be met in order to make an employee survey successful. And we have all the important questions on the topic of flexible working at our disposal and, if necessary, also develop new questions for you - based on your specific information needs.

    We support you in optimising digital workplaces

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    The success factors of modern working environments

    • 1. Home-Office

      There has never been such a dynamic upheaval of the working world for so many employees in companies, organisations and public authorities in such a short time as in the pandemic years of 2020/2021. Where previously the individual office was a status symbol and the open-plan office was the norm, now the imperative of social distancing prevails. And many employers allow their employees to work flexibly at least some of the time, primarily in their own home office.

    • 2. Digitisation

      At the same time as this development, the digitalisation of processes in the companies was pushed forward, sometimes frantically, in order to give employees the necessary access to the relevant systems even at the now more distributed workplaces and to enable proper communication with the clientele and the team.

    • 3. New processes

      As expected, the restructuring and in many cases unplanned development of the working world leads to frictions, information deficits and communication difficulties of various kinds. And these affect the performance of the entire system, i.e. the company. On the other hand, potentials are also released because processes are forced to become more efficient and many a process is simply omitted or can no longer be carried out in the previous form.

    • 4. Flexible workplace

      In the meantime, it is already clear in many places that - almost regardless of the further development of the pandemic - there will in all likelihood not be a "return" to the previous state of affairs. Distributed, digital or flexible working has proven itself in many cases and employees themselves will also demand their right to home office.

    • 5. Empirical data

      However, an organisation needs to be able to overview its process and communication landscape as well as the changes in work psychology and pedagogy in order to be able to manage the entire company efficiently. This requires information or empirical data on how employees assess the difficulties and benefits of flexible or distributed working. Therefore, it is even more important to regularly identify needs and to evaluate and optimise the effectiveness of newly established processes and technical solutions of modern working environments.

    • 6. Need for information

      Together with you, we assess the information needs: What exactly do you need to know from your employees in order to be able to react appropriately to the new situation? What information do you need to ensure reasonable technical equipment for the workforce? What should you learn about the psychological consequences of virtual work? Many of these issues are similar for many organisations. For these, we are happy to provide you with our validated question sets. We are happy to develop more individual questions based on our many years of experience in employee research. Benefit from our know-how!

    Rogator advises you individually on all questions concerning the modern working world

    Services at a glance

    • 1. Kick-off workshop and consultation

    • 2. Customised questionnaire development

    • 3. Internal communication

    • 4. Invitation management

    • 5. Individual evaluation, dashboards and reporting

    • 6. Advice on follow-up processes

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