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We take care of the development and programming of your survey

Are you looking for an experienced and competent partner to program your online surveys? Our experts not only program your questionnaires with our proven and powerful Rogator software, but also check their content and functionality in detail to ensure a quick and smooth field start for your study. Our specialists contribute their expertise from the support of numerous different customer feedback projects to your advantage.

Your advantages for questionnaire programming with Rogator

  • Quality assurance at the highest level

    Quality assurance is Rogator's top priority in all surveys. We have our own Quality Assurance (QA) department, where every questionnaire is thoroughly checked before the field start in order to guarantee a smooth flow of your study.

  • Know-how and methodological competence

    Your contacts at Rogator are always experienced customer feedback experts who provide you with intensive and individual support. Regardless of whether it is an individual customer feedback project or a pure programming service. In addition to implementing the programming, our experts are also responsible - even before the QA check - for the detailed technical and content control of the questionnaires.

  • Using Rogator's powerful software

    Rogator offers you the highest flexibility and solutions for all your technical questionnaire programming needs. Due to the close cooperation between our customers and our developers, we go beyond the standard together and continuously develop our software for you. Rogator can also provide you with individual technical solutions, such as special programming.

We program your questionnaires

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Combined competence with Rogator

With us you will experience combined competence: Questionnaire programming with Rogator gives you more than just a programming service. Our experts contribute the know-how gleaned from the study management of many hundreds of online survey projects to the programming of your questionnaire, check it methodically and consult with you when it comes to pointing out potential for optimisation.


Another advantage is our centralised programming. At Rogator, customer feedback experts, software developers and quality assurance specialists all sit in one place. Thanks to the short coordination paths, we can react even more flexibly and quickly in all situations for you when it comes to implementing even more unusual requirements and ensuring the success of your study.

Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the questionnaire programming

Services at a glance

  • Questionnaire design

  • Mobile optimisation

  • Questionnaire review with regard to content

  • Questionnaire programming

  • Language adaptations

  • Technical function check

  • Special programming

  • Additional supplementary benefits

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