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Heatmap Test Plakat

Professional execution of your heatmap tests

Would you like to find out which elements of your image ads attract attention, commitment and interaction from recipients and use these insights to make data-based decisions about how to best design your imagery? Then you have come to the right place.


Rogator professionally supports you in carrying out your heatmap tests to optimise your image material, such as catalogue pages, advertisements or websites, by placing and designing the individual contents and elements in a targeted manner. We measure the eye-catching focal points of your image for you and thus uncover the elements that most effectively attract attention and control the viewer’s gaze.

Your advantages of a heatmap test with Rogator

  • Efficiency and cost advantage

    The efficient and cost-effective online execution of your heatmap test with Rogator results in significantly less effort compared to conventional eye tracking, where participants personally participate in the survey in a test studio with limited space.

  • Technical and methodical competence

    Our powerful Rogator software guarantees you a technically clean execution of your heatmap test and enables the integration of all image templates. You can also benefit from the methodological competence of our experts, e.g. in advertising effectiveness and motivational research.

  • Time advantage

    The online execution of your heatmap tests with Rogator saves you a lot of time because we can reach the relevant target group for you quickly and easily. In a short period of time you will receive a significantly larger database compared to other methods and thus a survey representative of the target group with reliable results.

We carry out your heatmap tests

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The project process

You send us your image template(s) for the heatmap test. Our experts process these for the survey by subdividing them into equal sections and advise you comprehensively on the basis of their experience on the best number and size of the subdivided image areas.


The next step is the programming of the survey, including the integration of your image material. Thanks to the flexible architecture of our powerful software, any image can be tested at Rogator. Our specialists also take care of the selection and recruitment of the desired sample, e.g. consumers from your market segment, as well as the fast and cost-effective online execution of your survey.


The project ends with our professional evaluation of the collected data in the form of heat maps (on request: target group differentiation).

Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the heatmap tests

The procedure from the participant's point of view

Study participants first see your image as a whole and are then prompted to click on the image areas they see first. As soon as the participants click with the cursor on a certain place in the picture, the corresponding area is highlighted in colour. After a maximum number of clicks defined beforehand on the basis of the project goals, e.g. 20 clicks, the system switches to the next image template.

Services at a glance

  • 1. Kick-off Workshops

  • 2. Project management and hosting

  • 3. Image processing

  • 4. Questionnaire development

  • 5. Questionnaire design and mobile optimisation (with corresponding image template)

  • 6. Questionnaire programming

  • 7. Participant invitation

  • 8. Recruitment of participants via online access panels

  • 9. Evaluation and reporting

  • 10. Presentation of results

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