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We provide you with professional support for carrying out your concept tests

Would you like to know right from the product development stage whether this is going in the right direction from the customer’s point of view and whether this will uncover optimisation potential at an early stage so that your product is successful right from the start? Or would you like to make planned changes to existing products and tailor them perfectly to the needs and wishes of your customers? Then you have come to the right place.


Our customer feedback experts support you with their technical and methodological competence in the execution of your concept tests. This enables you to quickly find out which success-relevant factors make up your product or concept and where there is potential for optimisation.

Your advantages from concept tests with Rogator

  • Powerful software

    With our proven Rogator software, you can easily integrate any type or form of file for your concept tests, such as images, videos, audio files, 3D animations, etc., to present your concept in the best possible and most realistic way.

  • Cross-industry expertise

    Our experts have extensive experience in carrying out concept tests for internationally active companies from various industries, such as consumer goods (FMCG), transport/logistics, energy, automotive, mechanical engineering, technology and many more. You too can benefit from our many years of experience in the field of concept testing.

  • Time and cost advantages

    By carrying out your concept tests online at Rogator, you not only save time but also money compared to time-consuming laboratory or field studies. We have access to all relevant online access panels and guarantee you the right sample for your concept test.

We carry out your concept tests

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Why concept tests with Rogator?

Rogator gives you the opportunity to modify the visual language of your concept as early as the planning phase and to align it perfectly with your target group. The collected feedback from your customers helps you to successfully further develop your products, to increase the acceptance of your concepts by your customers and to avoid product flops.


The fast and simple online execution of your concept tests via online access panels enables us to reach the right target group for your study quickly and cost-effectively. As a result, the project times from commissioning to delivery of the results by Rogator are very short. The cumbersome invitation of participants to a test studio, as is the case with other service providers, is spared. The screening process is also much faster and more efficient online, as qualified participants can be selected for your concept test.

Due to the far-reaching and long-standing experience of our experts from the support of numerous concept tests from different industries we are not bound by any particular topic. You too can benefit from our cross-industry expertise when carrying out your concept test.


Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the concept tests

Suitable questions for concept tests

  • You are planning a new brand look and would like to know which of the concepts available to you will be most positively received by your target group.
  • You would like to check the visual language of your product catalogues and align them better with your customers’ expectations.
  • You would like to check how different target groups are addressed by the visual language of your online shop.
  • You are planning a poster campaign and would like to know how the various visualisations are perceived by the target group.
  • You are planning a newsletter campaign or a title page (cover test) and would like to know which aspects of the concept are interesting or uninteresting for the addressee.
  • You want to check which type of price visualisation in your online shop or on your advertising material potentially generates the highest conversion rate.

Rogator will of course also take care of the concept test for your individual question. If you would like to find out more, please contact our experts, who will be happy to advise you.

Services at a glance

  • 1. Project management and hosting

  • 2. Development of test concepts

  • 3. Questionnaire design and mobile optimisation

  • 4. Programming the concept test

  • 5. Recruitment of participants via online access panels or with your customers

  • 6. Evaluation and reporting

  • 7. Presentation of results

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