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Rogator supports you with price and product research

Would you like to find out where the best price for your products and/or services lies and which characteristics of your product provide additional benefits from the customer’s point of view? No problem – we are happy to help you!


Benefit from our combined competence: The proven Rogator software offers extensive technical possibilities for the implementation of all desired survey models on the subject of price and product research. In addition, you will work closely with our pricing experts in price research, who will always use their many years of experience from numerous pricing studies in various industries and product categories to your advantage.


Your advantages for price research with Rogator

  • Science and practice

    At Rogator, different scientific approaches from online feedback are applied in practice. You also have access to the latest findings from the current pricing studies which Rogator conducts in cooperation with various partners.

  • Individual advice

    We select the pricing research model that best suits your product and your current information needs, such as different forms of conjoint analysis or pricing using the Van Westendorp method.

  • Software modules and license models

    We work with our proven and powerful software, which offers different modules and licensing models for various types of price research study.

We carry out your price research studies

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Three steps to the best results

  • Briefing

    At Rogator, price research begins with a detailed joint briefing and a product presentation by our customers. The products in question can be in different phases of product development. Product innovations are also suitable for carrying out price development studies.

  • Conception

    In the next step, our pricing experts work with you to select the ideal study design for your study. Your information needs are always in the foreground during the selection process. These can range from determining the optimum price to determining the utility values of various product features.

  • Implementation

    This is followed by the professional implementation and execution of your price research study with our experienced pricing experts. The results provide you with clear recommendations for action with regard to pricing and product characteristics.

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Methods of price research

The conjoint analysis


Our consultants work with various forms of conjoint analysis. We use a software-supported simulation model. This allows you to test the characteristics of the tested product features in different combinations and to calculate a market simulation for each combination.


The Van Westendorp method


Rogator also offers the Van Westendorp method. This is particularly suitable for innovative products and services for which no concrete price knowledge is yet available. The implementation is simple, inexpensive and, due to the graphical representation, clear and easy to understand.

Rogator advises you individually on all questions regarding the price research

Services at a glance

  • 1. Workshops

  • 2. Project management and hosting

  • 3. Questionnaire development

  • 4. Questionnaire design and mobile optimisation

  • 5. Questionnaire programming

  • 6. Participant invitation

  • 7. Recruitment of participants via online access panels

  • 6. Evaluation and reporting

  • 7. Presentation of results

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