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Data protection and data security

Legal requirements

Market and social research are also subject to legal provisions and market research companies must undertake to comply with these rules. In addition to other relevant provisions on the handling of personal and sensitive data, the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is the main regulatory framework for data protection. Rogator AG is registered with the appropriate authority as a market research services provider and a copy of the appointment of our Data Protection Officer is available there. In parallel to the German Federal Data Protection Act, professional market research associations (BVM, ADM, DGOF, ESOMAR) also issue rules and guidelines of professional conduct.

Associations and organisations

To ensure effective protection of personal and sensitive data, our professional associations have issued many rules and codes of conduct to guide the activities of market research providers. As a corporate member of the professional associations Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher (BVM - German Market and Social Researchers) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online Forschung (DGOF - German Society for Online Research), we undertake to comply with the rules of conduct issued by these institutions. Our membership ensures that we are aware and informed of all relevant and applicable standards and rules.

Server security and data hosting

Our survey servers are located in a data processing centre in Nuremberg and thus on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. A summary of security and maintenance arrangements can be found under Hosting.

Security for your projects

Internal rules - an integral part of our employees' everyday work

To ensure the security and protection of data before, during and after your projects, Rogator operates according to a set of internal rules. These rules are summarised in a document that can be viewed on request by any interested customer.
These rules cover technical aspects and processes in particular, for example, dealing with passwords or restricting access authorisations. Provisions relating to ensuring anonymity during survey projects (e.g. no forwarding of personal data to third parties or transmission of personal data in evaluations) also form an integral part of our data protection policy.

Your contact for security and data protection issues

Dr. Axel Theobald
Data Protection Officer

Johannes Hercher

Tel.: +49 (0)911-8100-550

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