The fast way to results

Combine and visualise survey results in a flash

  • Import data: Import your data in text-based CSV format, supported by all spreadsheet programmes, at the click of a mouse button.
  • Specify the language: Specify the language of the text. Responses must be available in one language only in order for analysis to occur.
  • Start the analysis: The input data are analysed on a fully automated basis utilising computational linguistic pre-processing.
  • Sentiment analysis: The recognition of positive, neutral or negative statements is likewise fully automated.
  • Scaling: The so-called polarity is shown on a scale of -1 (very negative) to +1 (very positive).
  • Topic clustering: The software combines responses with a similar content to topic clusters and assigns characteristic identifiers. Recognition of similarities among topics is also fully automated.
  • Visualisation: A semantic map shows the topics in circles, their size, colour and proximity to each other representing the frequency and polarity of responses and correlations of the topics.

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