Open-ended questions to generate qualitative data provide incalculable advantages to marketing research: they allow for substantially shorter questionnaires, they enable unaided surveys, and the respondent's unfiltered feedback supplies valuable information. Until now, the analysis was time consuming and expensive. Existing technical solutions for text analysis are based on the deductive method, which severly limits analysis depth, is very involved and requires expert knowledge.

In contrast, Rog TCS uses the inductive method, meaning the software is able with minimal preparations to analyse, structure and interpret unstructured data from open-ended questions on a fully automated basis in seconds.

RogTCS offers a perfect symbiosis between qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Operating mode

Possible applications of RogTCS

  • Particularly suited for extensive and unstructured text responses
  • Creation of more flexible and shorter questionnaires
  • Enables unaided surveys and reflects the respondents' unfiltered feedback (of interest when measuring corporate image, for example)
  • For product developments per customer specifications (crowd sourcing, co-creation, etc.)
  • For ad hoc surveys and continually changing topics
  • Suitable for all languages and special characters by importing language libraries

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