G3plus layout features

Customised design options for your online surveys

The layout section of our survey software provides a wide selection of options for the design of your online questionnaire. For example, you can insert and display logos, define corporate colours and fonts, add background images, and more. Allowing you to adapt the questionnaire to your corporate design.

The main design and layout features of our G3plus:

  • Optimization for mobile devices: Only a few mouse clicks and you can optimize your online survey for mobile devices. When choosing the type of question, please consider the smaller display format. Some types of question, for example a double or multi matrix do not lend themselves as well to mobile surveys as others. (e.g. multiple choice or single matrix questions)

  • Different layout templates: Various layout templates are stored in G3plus and can be called up at any time. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can transfer an eye-catching graphic presentation to individual or all questions in your questionnaire.

  • Interactive, animated buttons: Multimedia fields allow you to easily insert different graphic formats, including background colours, logos, animated checkboxes/radiobuttons/navigation buttons. The colours of fonts and other elements can be precisely defined. The software also includes a wide selection of action buttons in various formats and colour designs. We can also create multimedia elements and other items tailored to your corporate design on request.

  • Progress bar: The progress bar provides participants with a graphic view of the completion status of the survey. This allows the participant to monitor the target and actual time spent. The inclusion of a progress bar has a positive effect on participants' willingness to take part and on finishing rates.

  • Graphics/Flash animations: The Rogator G3plus RogEditor increases the scope still further by allowing the insertion of any graphic formats of your choice. Opening up the possibility, for example, of incorporating graphics as backgrounds for your surveys. Flash animations add more appeal to your surveys. The data recorded in the animation will be fed back to the survey software.

We will be happy to provide further information about our survey software or to supply a demo version to allow you to explore all the features for yourself.

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