G3plus survey software

Our market research software meets every conceivable need

The correct structure and design of an online questionnaire can have a significant influence on response and drop-out rates. Our G3plus survey software offers a wide range of features and assistance to meet almost every conceivable wish in terms of questionnaire design and implementation.

The software's capabilities in online questionnaire creation:

  • Any number of questions per page
  • Different question types
  • Integration of existing data sets as code files
  • Import and export (Excel) of questions and answers for conversions
  • Feature to import questionnaires from all the most commonly used text formats
  • Any character sets for international surveys
  • Help texts available in 33 languages, with expansion possible as required
  • Integration of JavaScript functions, multimedia and HTML elements (audio, video and Flash files)
  • Mass sending of emails with dynamic content
  • Reactivation of previously used codes for code-protected surveys
  • Export of data to Excel, CSV, SPSS
  • Back-up feature for local storage and retrieval of survey projects
  • Open system architecture to develop and implement customised solutions
  • Comprehensive design and layout features (style sheet files)
  • Animated buttons with interactive effects
  • Option of expanding using HTML commands/scripts

Control features for creating optimal online questionnaires:

  • Block, question and answer randomising
  • Syntax checks, plausibility checks and answer restrictions
  • Scheduled activation/deactivation of surveys
  • Code and login-protected surveys
  • Interlocking quotas
  • Numerous question and answer filter options (e.g. filter on previous questions, random branching, referrer, number ranges, text entered, answer number, etc.)

Analysis function and evaluation:

  • Real time online data analysis with comprehensive filter functions
  • Data export to different output formats (e.g. Excel, CSV, SPSS)
  • Simple creation of graphs via RogCharter

We will be happy to provide further information about our software or to supply a demo version to allow you to explore all the features for yourself.

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