RogManager analysis features

Real-time statistics

Our survey software features online statistics allowing you to view the initial results of your survey while field research is still in progress. This enables you to identify any weaknesses in the online questionnaire at an early stage and take the necessary corrective action. The online statistics provide a graphic display of various information, including the number of contacts, drop-outs and finishers, along with a wide range of additional useful data.

  • Real-time participant and drop-out statistics
  • Drop-out statistics
  • Daily statistics for contacts, started, completed and not completed
  • Filters based on answers, code file and time period
  • View of text responses


The Dashboard operator illustrates real time survey findings. It allows you to compare individual questions and answers from different surveys. The findings are displayed in a browser window after applying filters and choosing the desired diagram type. Access authorisation can be assigned individually to each Dashboard. This guarantees that specific survey findings are shared with the relevant department only - in real time.

  • Findings are displayed individually for each segment
  • Filters can be applied for specified periods, answer, code variables or languages versions
  • Arbitrary number of diagrams per Dashboard
  • Numerous diagram types: pie chart, bar plot, net promoter score or tachometer
  • Layout: customisable diagram and logo upload
  • Real time survey findings can be displayed in presentations

Optional access is available on request.

Our user-friendly RogCharter analysis software

Create evaluations and charts quickly and easily

RogCharter is a component of the Rogator G3plus software package. In just a few simple steps, it allows the user to view, evaluate and present the initial results of a current survey. The Windows-based software is capable of importing and evaluating other formats (e.g. csv) as well as the G3plus file format. A summary of the main features is presented below.

  • Text coding feature
  • Presentation of results in the form of a bar chart, graph, pie chart, line chart, scatter diagram, system diagram, spider chart or cluster chart
  • Wide range of additional statistical features (e.g. cross-tabulation)
  • Export of charts and tables in .ppt, pdf, jpg, bmp, png, svg, gif and pcx format

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