Survey software

Our full-service package

A good software solution meets, and even exceeds, the customer's expectations. When it comes the "technical implementation" of online questionnaires and creative scope for online surveys, the G3plus survey software ranks among the best solutions on the European market. The product is supported by a strong team dedicated to the continuing development of the software and available to implement customised solutions for you - in terms of either technical or design aspects. Our team is always open to new ideas and will be happy to assist with the implementation of your online survey.

We also offer consulting services, such as questionnaire development and data analysis. More information can be found on our website.

Panel software and community software

Our "completely carefree" package

The creation of your own survey panel or research community is a medium-term process that requires thorough planning. At a kick-off workshop, one of our experienced panel market researchers will work with you to define the project objectives and content, and draw up a project plan. On completion of this process, we will handle both the creation and design of your online panel. We will, of course, follow your corporate design specifications and prepare the layout according to your requirements. Once your panel is up and running, we can support you with a range of additional processes.

  • Recruitment of panellists.
  • Panel maintenance
  • Sampling and mailing
  • Management of incentives

For more information about creating panels and our full-service package, please contact our team. We look forward to discussing your requirements in person.

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