Our price models - flexible and customised

Flexibility is our strength. Even our price models are tailored to your needs. From project licences to licence packages or fixed-period licences, we will send you an individual quotation based on your usage. We will also be happy to prepare a quotation for any additional services you may choose in addition to our software solutions, for example questionnaire development or evaluation of your data.

Project licence for spontaneous users

  • Survey software: A project licence is ideal for all survey projects spanning a timeframe of no longer than three months. The price is based on the number of interviews completed and starts from just a few hundred euros.

Licence packages for flexible users

  • Survey software: A licence package opens up extensive scope for your survey projects, since you use the licences only when you actually need them. In other words, there is no set timeframe within which you need to use the licences. A project duration of three months sets a sufficient limit. Special conditions are available for long-term projects.

  • Text Analysis software: We can offer you an attractive pricing for a corporate licence if you combine it with our survey software.

Fixed-period licences for heavy users and frequent questioners

  • Survey software: A one-year, two-year or three-year licence allows you to carry out an unlimited number of survey projects, with a set number of completed interviews or a flat rate, over the applicable licence period.

  • Panel software: A one-year, two-year or three-year licence gives you unrestricted use of our panel software over the relevant time period. We recommend that you use our panel software in conjunction with the G3plus survey application. We will be happy to send you a tailored quotation.

  • Text Analysis software: Corporate licences are available on a quartely or one-year basis. In conjunction with our survey software we will be able to offer an attractive pricing.

Technical support for more security

The very intuitive user interfaces and rapid familiarisation periods for all of our solutions allow us to make our software customers a very special offer. All our licence customers can enjoy free technical support. Rogator – more than you ask for.

Individual services for greater flexibility

Our software solutions are also distinguished by their very intuitive user interface and great ease of use. You will very quickly be able to find your way around the features. However, if you do have any questions, we are available to answer them during our office hours on the free hotline. Our experts will be happy to assist you with all the phases of your project, from questionnaire development, recruitment of participants to evaluations, including a graphical presentation of your survey results. Rogator - more than you ask for.

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