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Online shops represent an increasingly important sales channel for many retail and wholesale businesses. In many cases, they are the sole point of contact for customers and prospective buyers. In addition to ensuring the professional appearance of a website, a wide range of technical aspects (e.g. user prompts) of the online shop must be carefully planned to set it apart from other suppliers. An online survey helps to identify any weaknesses in an online shop and reap the full potential of visitors. Three main types of survey are used:

Online shop survey tool

Performed by Rogator

The online shop survey is a useful tool for obtaining up-to-date, aggregated information on user behaviour. A special online questionnaire prompts customers to enter relevant information about their needs, demands, expectations and wishes. As well as detailed information, a summary is provided in the form of index values aggregated by topic. These index values allow the continuous benchmarking of developments and trends, to support long-term, efficient and specific planning of improvements and developments and to set the course for a forward-looking competitive positioning.

We will be happy to design a customised questionnaire tailored to the specific circumstances of your online shop and to handle the technical implementation using our G3plus survey software. On request, the survey will also be implemented in the online shop infrastructure by our Web specialists.

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