Advertising effectiveness analyses

Advertising effectiveness put to the test

An advertising effectiveness study can encompass a company's entire communication policy. In a narrower sense, this involves advertising, public relations or sales promotion activities, and in a wider perspective, corporate identity both internally and externally.

The basic aim is to ascertain and verify whether communication is being received and processed as intended at different levels. Weaknesses in a company's communication policy can often be traced back to unclear positioning, selection of unsuitable communication channels or advertising that fails to strike the right tone. According to estimates, around 30% to 50% of the advertising budget has no effect whatsoever. Improving the design of marketing campaigns should help to reduce this figure. Advertising effectiveness analyses conducted at different levels can highlight very specific weaknesses. The approach can be solely ex post or also ex ante - i.e. measuring actual effectiveness after a communication activity or analysing its suitability in advance.


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