Marketing research

Advertising effectiveness analyses and brand research

Marketing research deals with surveys focusing on traditional marketing issues. In general, the main aim is identifying, at a sufficiently early stage, any opportunities and threats inherent in the company's marketing activities. More specifically, the activities in question are the brand and communication policy.

On the one hand, marketing research involves researching the actual brand, i.e. perception of brand symbols, image associated with the brand and awareness of the brand. All these activities are summarised under "brand research". On the other hand, marketing research also includes the advertising effectiveness analysis, which examines issues such as the focus of the company's communication as a whole, the effectiveness and efficiency of its advertising, the actual effect and recall of its advertising and sales promotions.

Marketing research is an important discipline in many companies, in particular in the consumer goods sector. And online activities are even faster! We will work with you to draft a comprehensive research concept or even a questionnaire for a specific sub-project. We can coordinate with various access panels to make contact with your specific target group and monitor the study. The ultimate aim being to ensure the success of your marketing research.

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