Employee satisfaction and loyalty

Evaluation using an online survey

Conventional employee surveys generally focus on two related concepts. On the one hand, employee satisfaction and, on the other, employee loyalty. For obvious reasons, most companies aim to maintain or increase both of these factors, with employee loyalty being partly derived from employee satisfaction. Satisfaction therefore helps to determine how long a company will be able to retain an employee. However, this raises the question of precisely which factors affect employee satisfaction in your company and to what extent. To identify these factors, among other reasons, we have developed a proprietary survey tool - the Rogator Employee Monitor. As well as determining current levels of satisfaction and loyalty among employees, it also considers expectations and their actual fulfilment in relation to key parameters within your company.

The Rogator Employee Monitor

Our proprietary tool for measuring employee satisfaction and loyalty

The Rogator Employee Monitor delivers meaningful key indicators for all the main areas of consideration, weighted by importance. It determines employees' needs and expectations (target) and compares them with actual fulfilment in the workplace (reality). This target-reality comparison is used to calculate satisfaction values illustrating a clear order of priority or urgency for future actions. The Rogator Employee Monitor provides clearly structured reports that will help you to rapidly identify, for example, noticeable differences between specific groups of employees (e.g. seniority) or departments. As a result, a transparent picture emerges of the issues to be addressed in relation to processes and interfaces within the company. We will be happy to present the Employee Monitor to you in more detail at an individual meeting. We look forward to your call.

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