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To make sure that training is not a vain exercise

A highly qualified workforce ensures the consistent quality of a company's products and services and drives its progress. One in two employees attends a training course approximately once a year, with more than half of these training activities taking place during working hours*. Despite the potentially valuable insights to be gained, the effectiveness of this training is rarely measured.
Companies that monitor their training activities tend to be interested in the following issues:

  • Have the learning targets been met?
  • Can the employee apply this new knowledge in practice?
  • Have the employee's expectations been met?
  • Have the company's expectations been met?
  • Was the investment worthwhile?

Monitoring professional development involves measuring the success of training activities from the point of view of both the employee and the company. Take advantage of our experience to set up an effective system to monitor professional development, to ensure that training costs are commensurate with the actual benefits gained.

Measure the successful transfer of knowledge

Education controlling using our RogECS software

Surveys span various evaluation phases, providing early insights into the effectiveness of training activities. This helps you to plan future training more efficiently and purposefully. The following checks should be carried out for each activity:

  • Phase 1: Employee's expectations (before the start of the training)
  • Phase 2: Questioning on satisfaction and success (immediately after the training)
  • Phase 3: Measure the successful transfer of knowledge to working processes (a few weeks after the training)
  • Phase 4: Appraisal by managers (a few weeks after the training)

We will be happy to provide the benefit of our methodological expertise to support you in the creation of meaningful questionnaires or subsequent data analysis. In the case of surveys implemented using our RogECS education controlling software, some initial analyses can carried out on the system. This Web-based application provides an extensive range of features and automated processes to effectively monitor your training activities.

* (Source: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF - German Federal Ministry of Education and Research): attitudes to training in Germany. AES 2010 Trend report. Bonn, Berlin 2011).

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