Net Promoter Score®

Benchmark of willingness to recommend

The two themes underpinning the Net Promoter Score® are "customer satisfaction" and "customer loyalty". Specific sets of questions provide a relatively accurate measurement of these factors among survey participants. However, it is important to bear in mind that when asked about satisfaction, customers must always make a theoretical comparison between their personal expectations and their subjective and objective experience of the company's performance. This task involves a cognitive effort for respondents, which in some cases can lead to distortions. At the same time, it provides a benchmark that is strongly correlated to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and one that is also an important factor for a company's success in the market - i.e. willingness to recommend.


Net Promoter Score® - how is it used?

Gathering information using an online survey

The Net Promoter Score® revolves around a single question about the probability of personal recommendation - willingness to recommend. The standard scale of 0 to 10 is divided into the following categories:

Promoters (Score 9-10): Promoters are loyal enthusiasts who remain customers, recommend the company and will thus support its growth.

Passive satisfied (Score 7-8): Passive satisfied are people who are satisfied but not enthusiastic. They could be captured by the competition or may even look for an alternative themselves.

Critics (score 0-6): Critics are unhappy customers who damage
the company's image with negative comments and may hamper
its growth.

The actual measured value, or Net Promoter Score®, can now be calculated based on the difference between the proportion of customers who would actively recommend the company and those who are more critically disposed and would not recommend it. The classic version of the Net Promoter Score® includes just one more question in the form of a free text entry.
If measured regularly or continuously, the Net Promoter Score® is an excellent indicator for corporate management and provides guidance for a wide range of business activities and processes. One of the major advantages lies in the brevity of the survey and associated high response rate. We would be pleased to calculate your Net Promoter Score® for you.

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