Customer segmentation

Enhance your understanding of the structure of your customer base.

Customer management encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. Continuously increasing customer loyalty, developing relationships with existing customers and winning new customers are important strategic activities. Customer management also encompasses routine tasks such as resolving complaints and maintaining a constant dialogue with customers. The diversity of customers' attitudes, beliefs and motives, not to mention their purchase and usage patterns, represents a great challenge for companies.

From marketing to communication and product development - tailoring messages to specific target audiences helps companies gain an edge over their competitors. Systematic customer segmentation is therefore the foundation for all customer management processes. The marketing strategy is a particularly critical element and care must be taken to tailor this very precisely to the needs of individual market segments or customer groups. Companies need to identify groups of customers or consumers that are homogeneous within themselves but very different to other groups. Depending on the strategy, two possible approaches can be considered.

Customer segmentation

Market consolidation and market expansion

Market consolidation
Serve existing customer segments more intensively. This involves creating profiles reflecting each segment as accurately as possible. The starting point can be your existing customer master data which is then enriched with data from a customer survey.

Market expansion
Unlock new customer segments. This involves surveying a representative sample of potential customers who represent the market as closely as possible. The resulting data is then used to define profiles of the different potential customer groups.

We will be happy to handle the complete segmentation process for you, from drafting the survey and recruiting the sample through to analysing the results and preparing reports. We look forward to your call.

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