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Only companies with sufficient knowledge of their target group's wishes and needs and the underlying structure of their customer base can align their business processes and strategies accordingly and carve out a distinctive competitive position. Today's market researchers can choose from a very wide range of customer analysis tools, depending on the area of interest. For example, an online survey can be used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty and gain very detailed insights into customer experiences. However, findings relating to non-customers' perception of your company or its products and services can also be very enlightening. Comparing these perceptions with the views of your existing customers helps you to formulate new initiatives to address the positioning of your company or brand.


Possible subjects for customer surveys:

  • Recommendation purpose
  • Willingness to make another purchase
  • Cross selling potential
  • Image measurement
  • Complaint analysis
  • Product- and Service quality
  • Strength/weakness analysis
  • Price sensitivity
  • Competitor comparison
  • Kriteria of customer support

Special survey concepts

Customer monitor, customer segmentation, Net Promoter Score®

Depending on the objective, different tools can be selected to gather information for customer surveys. As well as the Rogator Customer Monitor (a tool that compares expectations with actual fulfilment based on key performance indicators), we also have a great deal of experience in customer segmentation and the Net Promoter Score® method.

We will be pleased to advise you on the most appropriate tool for your customer survey. For more information, please contact our experienced Market Research team.

Customer survey software

Create your own online surveys - using our survey software

As a market research service provider and software supplier, as an alternative to conducting your customer surveys as part of a full-service package, we can also supply our G3plus survey software to allow you to conduct your own independent survey projects. Our user-friendly software comes complete with an extensive selection of filter features and an intuitive layout reflecting your corporate image. However, if you do encounter any difficulties, we will happy to assist with the programming of your questionnaire or the methodological implementation of your online survey.

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