Conducting paper-and-pencil surveys

The advantages of the online survey are of little value if the selected participants cannot be contacted using this medium. This is often the case in manufacturing companies, where production employees rarely have access to a workstation with an Internet connection. Consequently, the required employee email addresses do not exist. In this scenario, a paper-and-pencil survey can be a useful alternative. We will be happy to support you throughout the individual steps of this survey method.

  • Questionnaire content design
  • Creation of the questionnaire master copy
  • Drafting of an invitation letter
  • Printing of the cover letter, questionnaire and reply envelope
  • Preparation and posting
  • Receipt and recording of returned questionnaires

Would you like advice on a paper-and-pencil survey? We look forward to your call.

Hybrid survey (paper-and-pencil and online)

Reap the benefits of both survey methods

We recommend this method, in particular, for a survey to be conducted primarily online but that includes a group of participants that is less easy to contact using this method. In this case, we send a paper questionnaire in parallel to the invitation sent to the online group. If you wish to give recipients the option of completing the online version of the questionnaire, we recommend a hybrid method allowing invited subjects to complete either the paper questionnaire received by post or the online version.
A combined method including a telephone survey can also be considered. We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your specific project.

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