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Rogator specialises in conducting online surveys and developing proprietary software solutions for online research. We would be pleased to create an online survey for you – professional and conform to market research guidelines. True to our motto “combined competence” we use our proven survey software G3plus for the programming of surveys. This allows us to realize extraordinary requests as well. We focus on the following subjects:

Create your own online survey

- use our sophisticated survey software G3plus

Nowadays there is a variaty of software products for the creation of online questionnaires which distinguish significantly. Our survey software is the ideal option if you intend to conduct sophisticated market research projects since it is one of the top quality products in the market.

Benefits of online surveys

An online survey offers a range of benefits in comparison with conventional methods:

  • Rapid creation and implementation of survey projects
  • Very cost-effective method, even for small samples
  • The results of the online survey can be viewed even while information is still being gathered
  • An online survey allows participants to decide when they would like to complete the survey
  • Possibility of incorporating multimedia elements, such as images, videos and sound recordings
  • Online surveys exclude the possibility of interviewer bias
  • No transmission/input errors since the data has already been entered digitally
  • Possibility of applying more complex methods, such asconjoint analyses, price tests or product tests.
  • Convincing method in scenarios where different language versions of the questionnaire are used
  • Elegant filter management for questionnaire design
  • Higher response rates in comparison with conventional survey methods

We would be delighted to welcome you as a new customer - whether you decide to use our software solutions or opt for the implementation of complete studies.

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