Choose the right survey method

An online survey, paper-and-pencil survey or hybrid survey?

The first step in planning a market research project should be a precise definition of the research question and target group. Only then can you decide on the most appropriate method to achieve these objectives as quickly and effectively as possible. In many cases, the final decision is in favour of an online survey. This method offers various advantages, including cost savings, speed, management of participants and response behaviour. Nevertheless, in some cases alternative solutions may prove more suitable. For example, in scenarios where the target group cannot be contacted online. In this case, we can suggest appropriate alternatives representing the best fit for your needs and study (e.g. paper-and-pencil surveys or telephone surveys).

A combination of methods (hybrid survey) is another tried-and-tested approach at Rogator. The most frequent combination is an online survey together with a classic paper survey. These two methods have many similarities and comparable respondent and completion behaviours. A combined approach can be useful for certain studies, for example employee surveys in situations where specific groups of participants have no Internet access. To reap the benefits of the online survey without excluding potential participants, the only solution is to use a mixture of methods.
We will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate solution for your research project. It goes without saying that you can expect the same quality as with an online survey. Our market research team has a wealth of methodological knowledge and many years of experience in using a wide range of methods.

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