Kick-off workshop

The cornerstone of a successful project

Detailed planning of each individual element of a project is essential to ensure the success of your survey or creation of your customer panel. We organise a kick-off workshop to discuss the project objectives and content with you, draw up a project plan and - in the case of a survey - define the questionnaire design. This workshop can take place either in your offices or at our premises in Nuremberg. The kick-off workshop brings together different stakeholders and is an ideal opportunity to share valuable information in advance of the project. For example, in the case of employee surveys, it is advisable to consult the works council at an early stage in the process. We will be happy to discuss the other points to be considered with you in person. We look forward to your call.

Evaluation workshop

Strong foundations for insightful analyses

On request, we will organise a joint evaluation workshop during the field phase. We will then define a customised evaluation concept, considering your organisational structure and reporting proposals, as well as the content and objectives of the survey. We will then define the presentation format for the results. Once this conceptual framework is in place, the reporting of results can be tailored to the specific features of your company structure. The workshop can take place in your offices or at our premises in Nuremberg.

Results workshop

Presentation of results in your offices

If you wish, we will present the results to you in person at your offices. Depending on your requirements, we can present the results as an overview or based on specific target groups (for example, individual departments). Whether your target group is your entire workforce, the management team or an individual department: we will adapt the format of the presentation and contents to reflect your areas of interest.

Thematic workshops

Employee surveys, customer surveys, panel creation, data protection

As well as project-specific workshops, we can also organise special seminar events. The main focus of these events is the methodological implementation of online surveys. We will be happy to provide the benefit of our know-how to assist you with a regular customer survey or the creation of your own customer panel. Our experienced coaches will help you to prepare effectively for future projects.

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