Recruitment using email invitations

This is the most commonly used recruitment method for online surveys.

In particular, email invitations are frequently used to recruit participants for customer surveys and employee surveys. An email address list (e.g. a selected group of customers/employees/members) that we can use for the invitation is a basic requirement for this method. On request, we will prepare and send email invitations directly, and can also design the layout. Alternatively, we can provide individual participation links which you can then integrate in publications such as your newsletter. To maximise the response rate, in most situations we recommend sending participants a reminder. The ideal time for this reminder will be determined mutually during project discussions. Reminders are usually issued around one week before the end of the field survey period.


On-site recruitment

Recruitment of participants by means of a layer on the website

The layer recruitment method involves inviting potential participants using a "layer". This layer is a pop-up window or text box that appears on your website and invites visitors to take part in the survey. Potential participants can click in this layer to go straight to the survey or enter their details to arrange to take part or be notified later. We will be happy to programme the layer for you. On request, this can be based on your corporate design. A random factor can also be introduced (the layer is displayed to every nth visitor only) or cookies set during layer programming.

Recruitment through a panel supplier

Quality from experienced panel partners

The key characteristics of this recruitment method are the ability to recruit participants from precisely defined target groups, together with a fast response rate. A panel supplier recruits your target group according to your specified requirements. We screen offerings from different panel suppliers to identify the solution offering the best fit with your needs. We also handle all aspects of communication and project management.

Recruitment through telephone interviews

In some cases, telephone surveys may prove to be the most suitable option. For example, if participants are likely to be more receptive to this method in comparison with an online survey or paper-and-pencil survey. We can organise these telephone surveys for you. If you wish, as an alternative option in a survey carried out mainly online. The information is added directly to the results gathered from the online version to ensure that the telephone data is also represented in the real-time online statistics.

Other recruitment methods

In situations where a specific group of recipients has been identified but there are no email addresses to send invitations to, we use alternative methods for recruitment:

  • Post
  • Internal mail
  • Notices
  • Using a product

We will be happy to help you identify the best recruitment method for your project and look forward to your call.

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