Data analysis

We interpret your data to generate insightful and clear findings.

When it comes to evaluating a survey, the main criterion is the client's specific needs. As well as an accurate, objective and comprehensive presentation of results, interpretation of the data is a crucial aspect of a good analysis. Statistical knowledge is essential to assign and interpret data correctly, as is a long track record with similar issues and contexts. Our objective is to process the results of your online survey in such a way as to generate maximum benefit for you and meet your needs. Our guiding principles are easy comprehension and relevance for follow-up processes. We can apply the following statistical methods for you:

  • Distributions and statistical values
  • Creation of index values
  • Cross tabulation
  • Mean value comparisons
  • Significance tests
  • Portfolio analyses
  • Correlation analyses
  • Regression analyses
  • Variance analyses
  • Factor analyses
  • Other multivariate analysis methods
  • Structural equation models
  • Geoanalyses

From scientific reports of findings to a summary for the team members of a 360° feedback process - from an elaborate customised PowerPoint presentation to hundreds of standard reports for your departments: we tailor the content and presentation of your evaluations precisely to your needs and wishes. And to gain an accurate picture of how your results compare with the competition, we offer you a benchmark database encompassing a wide variety of themes (e.g. employee surveys or customer surveys).

What happens after the results? What can, should or must be done? We will be happy to draw up a list of recommended actions to help you derive maximum benefit from your online survey and initiate change processes. On request, we can work with our partners to design appropriate follow-up actions and coaching activities, an important consideration for employee surveys, in particular. Exploit the full potential of the data gathered. The consistent application of study results is an integral aspect of an ongoing research process and is also a source of motivation for all stakeholders.

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